An Assessment Of The Best Model And Its Approach To Teamwork:

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction: 2
2. Nature of the project: 2
3. An assessment of the BEST model and its approach to teamwork: 2
3.1. An overview of the BEST model in respect of teamwork: 2
3.2. Comparing the components of management quality to the BEST model: 2
3.2.1. Employee Development: 2
3.2.2. Communication: 2
3.2.3. Performance Measurement: 2
3.2.4. Employee participation: 3
3.2.5. Integration: 3
3.2.6. Delegation: 3
3.2.7. Direction Setting: 3
4. The need for business excellence and quality to complement each other: An evaluation of how BEST can support Adebanjo’s proposition: 3
4.1. Other components that support business excellence and quality management: 3
4.1.1. Leadership excellence: 3
4.1.2. Policy and strategy: 3
4.1.3. Benchmarking: 3
4.1.4. Self –assessment: 3
4.1.5. Continuous improvement: 3
5. How BEST tools and competencies can be applied at Modus BPS: 3
5.1. An overview of Modus BPS current state: 3
5.2. How BEST can fill the gaps at Modus: 4
5.2.1. The BEST tools: 4
5.2.2. The BEST competencies: 4
6. Conclusion: 4
7. Glossary of acronyms: 4
8. Bibliography: 4
9. Appendices 9

1. Introduction:

2. Nature of the project:

3. An assessment of the BEST model and its approach to teamwork:

3.1. An overview of the BEST model in respect of teamwork:
This section will provide an overall summary of the BEST framework and its tools of PDCA, EFQM, and the balanced scorecard. It will offer new insights into the relationships within the EFQM model and justify Philips’ adoption of the EFQM model in driving it’s endeavour towards business excellence. Further discussion on the PDCA will include how the components of the cycle include a learning orientation and sustained improvement through its leadership, people and review of innovation.
3.2. Comparing the components of management quality to the BEST model:
This section will possess scrutiny of the BEST framework and compare that to the qualities of management.

Figure One: Components of Management Quality (Bilalis et al, 2007).

3.2.1. Direction Setting:

3.2.2. Integration:

3.2.3. Delegation:

3.2.4. Employee Development:

3.2.5. Communication:

3.2.6. Measurement:

3.2.7. Employee Participation:

4. The need for business excellence and quality to complement each other: An evaluation of how BEST can support Adebanjo’s proposition:
This section will cite the rhetoric of the antagonists believe that TQM is not achieving what it was promoted to achieve. It will proceed to highlight the goal similarities of the EFQM and TQM and how the BEST framework utilises the tools of TQM. It will also cite how the philosophy of TQM requires the support of frameworks and systems and briefly cite and discuss the common mistakes organisations make when implementing TQM. It will observe the similarities in the PDCA, the balanced scorecard and the EFQM model in terms of the principles of TQM and how these tools support leaders in developing a TQM culture.
4.1. Other BEST components that support...

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