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A Comparison Of Two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow And The Lost Boys

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A Comparison of two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys

Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher) are
fairly recent films, they both use specific camera shots to portray
different characters, however, The Lost Boys, recorded in 1987 has
fewer special effects than Sleepy Hollow, for at the time of the
making of The Lost Boys, fewer facilities were available, compared to
when Sleepy Hollow was filmed in 1999. Lost Boys is in some ways a
tragedy, about a group of Vampires who had been taken over by the
villain, (as the title "Lost Boys" suggests) who we are led to believe
is David, the leader of the group of Vampires, but is in fact Max, who
I will discuss later on. They are forced to feed upon victims in order
to survive. The main victim, Michael, who I will also discuss, has
been possessed by the vampires, and will have to feed on people to
live, however, the heroes, the Frog brothers, and to some extent
Michaels younger brother Sam, for he stuck by his brother throughout
his ordeal, are familiar with the vampires, and eventually kill the
leader, Max, therefore ending all the vampires' evilness. Sleepy
Hollow, recorded in 1999 is along the same lines of a tragedy, the
villain, who again we are led to believe as the Headless Horseman, as
well as Katrina Anne Van Tassel, is in fact the wicked stepmother-Lady
Van Garret, who has enchanted the Headless Horseman, by stealing his
own skull, and directs him who to kill. I will discuss the use of
camera shots, lighting, special effects, and character portrayal in
each film, and compare the two.

The opening is essential, it has to introduce the main characters and
set the scene. In The Lost Boys, the introduction is that of
contemporary Gothic Horror, it starts with a happy sound track, this
is to lighten the mood, because the intended audience is for
teenagers, if lots of violence is used, the certificate would be
higher, but the violence shots that are used in the film are
counteracted by the infusion of humour, which again, lightens the
mood. Lots of missing signs are surrounding the city of Santa Carla,
possibly to provoke us into thinking that it is a bad neighbourhood.
The carnival is on, which gives the impression of congestion, and lack
of orientation, and the screaming children, linking to the idea of
eeriness, could be a sign of the pain to come. The lyrics in the sound
track are, "strange" this to me acts as a rhetorical question, as if
the music is asking you, "is this strange?", and the answer is, at the
current stage, no, because the atmosphere is at this time, seeming
normal. This on the other hand could introduce elements of mystery and
give ideas that are surreal to us; however, this soon changes when the
camera changes to a birds eye perspective view, where we can't see
what is...

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