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A Comparison Of American And Canadian Education

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I found the Differences and similarities of both educational systems very interesting. The United States educational system is has three levels however; some school districts may subdivide elementary and secondary students to create separate schools at the middle and junior high level. Once a child turns five they begin kindergarten and stay in elementary until they graduate. From there they attend junior high, grades 5 through 8. All students enter into High School for grades 9-12 and if they are successful, they graduate with a high school diploma and enter the workforce or pursue higher education.
Canada's educational system is similar to the United States. They have three levels, Elementary (Primary School), Secondary (High School) and Post Secondary (University-College). One of the differences between the schools system is that in Canada there student's progress through three systems as well but each system may vary depending on the provinces. The Canadian government provides each child the opportunity to attend free. In the United States, education is free and mandatory until a certain age. In Canada, a child can quit if they are 16 years old. Canada spends about 7% of its gross domestic product (GDP) and the United States spends about 4.9% of GDP.
Drugs and the lack of motivated teachers and low pay are some of the problems plaguing both educational systems. Most school principals and faculty have made it priority number one, protecting and preventing drug from entering schools. The best way to do that is by hiring security and providing barriers to keep drug dealers out. Providing drug education is also important to curbing drug usage. Schools system cannot do it alone and rely on parents to educate there children on drugs. It is okay to say no and to ignore peer pressure. Drugs only destroy lives and prevent our children from getting an education. Canadians have taken similar measures to deal with drugs in schools. The rate of drug use among young Canadians and Americans are a cause for concern and will be for years.
Most politicians believe teachers are not motivated and part of the problem. In my opinion growing up most of my teachers were motivated however, the lack of funds and over crowding were bigger stumbling blocks to me getting an education. It is no secret that being a teacher will not make you rich but. In Canada and the United States, most teachers with a four-year degree earn about $40K. I believe most teachers enter that profession to help students go on to lead productive lives.
The history of both...

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