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A Comparison Of Different Kinds Of Advertising

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A Comparison of Different Kinds of Advertising

Advertising is a multi-million pound industry. Advertising is the act
of promoting products, jobs or services by informing the public of the
product’s worth. Advertising is a powerful but expensive way.
Advertising has dichotomy as it falls into two main categories. One of
which is product advertising. Product advertising is a collective term
for public announcements designed to promote the sale of specific
products or services. For example, adverts of coco-cola, Audi, Levi’s
jeans. The second category is for Issue advertising which promotes
public welfare. It is used to raise awareness and to get donations to
help people and animals.

Advertising messages are disseminated through numerous and varied
channels or media. In advertising the term media refers to
communication vehicles such as newspapers, magazines, radio,
television, sky writing by aeroplanes or helicopters, billboards,
window displays, calendars, blimps, delivery trucks, wrapping papers,
shopping bags, direct mail – single product folders and multi product
catalogues and the super highway of internet.

An excellent advertisement will create a deep impression on its
viewers through particular techniques. Some techniques used are
narration, celebrity endorsement, music, colour, video-clips,
pictures, slogan and emotive language.

We have studied a range of TV product adverts one of which was of
Audi. Many clever techniques were used in this advert. The advert was
targeted at adults who have a family.

The advert has a story, which is about a man (father) who finds out
some important news. He drops the phone receiver, generating suspense,
and rushes to tell his son who is playing. The father helps put the
son’s coat on and they rush out to the car. The sun is just setting
which is the hardest time to drive and this is showing how safe and
easy the car is to handle. The father is driving and the boy is
sitting at the back showing the viewers how spacious the car is whilst
also showing the car have interior leather seats. The car is as well
as being driven through many types of scenery. This shows Audi is
practical and reliable, yet a classic car. The car is driven

through all different types of terrain showing how durable the car is
as well as being driven through late day and night and through
difficult weather showing the car’s excellent performance and safety.

The car passes a fair ground, which is of great interest to the boy
due to the bright colours. The car then stops at the lights and father
taps on the steering wheel showing he is in a hurry The man doesn’t
drive through, the lights, as he has faith that the car to get him
there in time. They go through a tunnel and then pass a scary looking
man but the father and son doesn’t seem at all frightened....

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