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A Car: The Assignment Was To Analyze An Object

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Irons 1Troi IronsProfessor KraftEnglish 1014 Ocotber 2006A CarA young and rebellious girl rushes outside after a quarrel with her mother. For amoment, she stands completely still, battling the rage inside that tries to take over.Finally, she contends no more as her anger fully envelopes her thoughts and actions.She stomps into the garage, swings the car door open, pulls the key out of her pocket,starts the ignition, and slams the car door. As she speeds out of the driveway, her motherrushes out of the front door, hoping to catch her daughter and stop her. It's too latethough, because her daughter is gone forever.She stands at the end of the driveway, watching her children walk to the bus stop forschool. When they turn the corner and she can no longer see them, she goes back insideher house. She admires the picture of her late husband on her dresser before gettingout of her bed clothes and into a suit. She then puts on those dreaded heels that she willhave to wear all day and throws on a coat, for the weather man said that it was supposedto snow. She walked toward the bus stop, hoping that there would be a seat left.The bus was fifteen minutes late and that meant she would be tardy for work but sheknew that she couldn't blame the driver; she should have come early. She got on the busand sat down. As she looked out the window, she saw cars speeding by and imaginedwhat it would be like to have one.A boy walks home on his birthday with friends after school. It's his sixteenth birthdayand he just hopes that he can get through the day without getting hit sixteen times byIrons 2everyone because his arm is already starting to get sore. All day, his friends had beenhinting that something big was going to happen. He knows that there is going to be asurprise party waiting for him. As he walks up the steps to the front door, a neighborwaves to him. When he gets in the door, everyone yells, "Surprise!". His mom motionsfor him to sit down and goes to get the cake and ice cream. After everyone sings to him,the boy cuts the cake and passes it out to all the guests. His friends give him cards andgifts. The last gift to be recieved was from his parents. He was amused that they found itnecessary to blindfold him. They even turned him around three times! He was ledforward and then to the right. He knew he was now in the garage because he could smellthe combination of the trash with the oil leaking from the car, which was not anuncommon smell to the garage. The blindfold was untied and at first, he wondered whyhe had been brought outside. Then he saw that right next to the old Jeep, was a newMustang with a birthday card in the wind shield. This was much better than the Xbox-360 he had hoped to get.You're talking on the phone with a friend from school and instant messaging...

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