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>>ATTACHED SYSTEM DATA DOWNLOAD<< >>TRANSMITTING<< >>RECEIVED<< Name: Cholorium Sector: Draconian Location: Segmentum Obscurus Attitude: VH64/HS290 Distance from Terra: 2,650 light years Primary type: 2Cv Orbital bodies: 6: d-class; M-class; Cv-class; F-class; A-class; d-class >>ATTACHED PLANETARY DATA DOWNLOAD<< >>TRANSMITTING<< >>RECEIVED<< Planet: Angelus Cholorium Minor Mean Orbital Distance: 137,650,000 km Mass: 1.045 Orbit: 1.16 Rotation: 1.78 Equa. Diam.: 13,675 km Gravity: 0.83 Satellites: 2 Natural satellites one mined for Adamantium and one Agriculturally farmed Moon.>>PLANETARY DATA DOWNLOAD COMPLETE<< Founding: Angelus Cholorium Minor was originally settled during the 24th Millennium and was rediscovered During the Horus Heresy when it played a major part as a place of rest and relaxation for Imperials fighting against the forces of Horus.Notable Historic Events: All through its history people have told about the wonders of ACM and it is every soldier's dream to get given leave on ACM. The people of ACM are peaceful, loving people who believe everyone should be happy. They have and always have had a small peacekeeping force, but nothing major enough to defend themselves with. However the Imperium values the Angelutians so much that they will do anything to protect them.Notable Features: There is a high Ork population on Angelus Cholorium Minor. I know you think it's strange that Orks and Humans can live peacefully with each other on the same planet, but they have a mutual understanding "In exchange for peace we offer pleasure" so you see the Angelutians have given the Orks something that was worth their peace. The Orks however do not like Strangers on "˜their' planet and will fight to defend it.There is hardly any law enforcement on the planet so be on your guard. The Orks perform all the major duties on the Planet. The planet is also said...

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