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It is just an ordinary box. It sits in the corner of the lonesome room, like a cactus on a desert floor, among normal things like a lamp, an alarm clock, and a holy bible. With the box sitting on top of it, I could see the brown perimeter of the bible, like one sees a church steeple in a bank of clouds. The family bible is passed from generation to generation, as evidenced by the cracked leather and brown, rough edges like a cowboy’s face and hands. It is unclear to any stranger why such a boring, plain box would cover something so important. I am surprised this lonely box is not embraced by my family book, intertwining it in its branches and lifting it into the sky as the family tree continually grows. The cardboard box is white; it is square, and insignificantly small, as all individual sand particles are on a beach. It is light, making me wonder if the contents have disappeared over the expanse of two years, never to be seen again. Each side has the words “Priority Mail” in white, atop a background of blue and red. Something about the word “priority” sends shivers down my spine, and a sense of dread crushes me. A price tag dubs the contents $5.25, and an address indicated the box to be sent to Carroll Veterinary Clinic of Hillsville, Virginia. The top of the box looks scarred, almost like it is suffering with the baggage of family hurt. It is easily seen with the eye that the box has only been opened once or twice, and this is why it seems of little value to outsiders. It is no longer protected with tape; the tape has long ago served its purpose and is instead replaced with the less-trustworthy art of flap-folding. Tape is like a sealant of ancient tombs of royalty, while flap-folding is for boxing up unidentifiable objects for a yard sale. Each flap is tucked under another one, and they all use each other for support through pressure and impediments. Like a house made of sticks, it holds together fine until the whole structure is blown down with a sigh and a puff of the wind. I notice that the flaps have folded together perfectly to form a cross right in the middle of the box. As I lift each flap, memories long forgotten shoot out at me, stinging my eyes with tears. The tears continually roll, leaving temporary scars down my cheeks. I had never opened the box, and my whole body starts to shake as I think of times before. The first thing I see is a ratty pink cotton ball. It looks like a chewed nose of a beloved stuffed animal. It has a bell sewn to the end, and the jingles send painful shocks through my heart. The pink is clearly not as vibrant as it had once been, and dirt speckles the toy showing its everyday use as an entertainment object. I set the toy gently down, afraid if I use too much force, it might suddenly spontaneously combust. As much pain as that tiny toy causes me, I know what is to come is a dagger through the heart in comparison. Bubble wrap fills the rest of the empty box, but it does not fill the...

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