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An Easy Remedy For The Lack Of Emphasis On Thanksgiving Due To The Eager Anticipation Of The Most Important Holiday Of The Year, Black Friday

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So many people complain about how little attention society pays to Thanksgiving. Every year for as long as can be remembered, the public has been gradually minimizing the amount of time that is spent celebrating this day of thanks and gratitude. This is simply because the whole country is more interested in the more important holiday that follows it: Black Friday. In fact, Black Friday is not only more important than Thanksgiving; it is without a doubt the most important holiday of the year. Only in America do people devote an entire day (now two days in some parts of the country) to fighting each other over department store sales less than one day after proclaiming their thankfulness for the things they already have.
For decades, stores have opened their doors in the wee hours of the morning on the fabulous Black Friday. In recent years, however, the “early-bird special” concept changed when many major chains from Target to Toys R Us opened on Thanksgiving Day itself, turning the best shopping day of the year into a two-day celebration. This is quite disturbing to some because many families are just finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner when numerous stores are opening their doors to the extravagant sales and incredibly low prices waiting inside. It is obvious that Black Friday’s grip on Americans is stronger than ever. To put an end to the controversy of how significant Black Friday has rightfully become, figures of authority have proposed a very valid and logical solution. How should society solve the problem of so little attention being paid to Thanksgiving? Easy! Just get rid of Thanksgiving! People spend most of the year wishing they had more than what they do anyways, so why waste an entire day pretending to be thankful for the “bountiful blessings” and “abundant gifts” they have?
Not only is Thanksgiving a waste of a valuable shopping day, but Black Friday is evidently more advantageous to celebrate! Who cannot see the apparent joy of waking up at...

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