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An Effective Argumentative Style Vs. A Poor Argumentative Style

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When you first think about the movie Fight Club, great argumentative skills is not something that comes to mind as an essential part of the characters. After more thought and a deeper analysis of this movie though, Tyler Durden shown through as a very persuasive and effective arguer. He uses many different tactics and ideas to successfully win his arguments, even though technically, it’s just Edward Norton arguing with himself.Part of what makes Tyler Durden such a success during arguments is the way he uses his competitor’s knowledge against them. He has a certain pattern for arguing that works almost every time. He states his idea and what he believes about a subject, and then waits for a rebuttal to be stated. When the opposite side has spoken, he then begins to ask them questions, which I think he does for multiple reasons. I believe that one of these reasons is so that he may more understand where they are coming from in their argument, which is smart because then he knows what they are thinking and where they could be going with the argument. By doing this, he can prepare himself for what they may say to him and he can form answers that they will have trouble arguing with. Another reason I believe that he asks the other person questions is so that he can try to lead them towards his way of thinking without them realizing it. This is so that when they reach the place that he wants them to reach, they will think that it was because of their ideas and arguments, and they will be more inclined to side with him after this.Another part of his pattern for arguing is to just intimidate the other person. He does this by either yelling at them and getting them to fear him, thus believing what he believes, or he does this by speaking and keeping the conversation at such a fast pace that the other person has no time to think. This then causes them to not be able to come up with opposing ideas, and so they finally become so exhausted that they give in to his argument without really ever putting up a fight.The final reason why Tyler Durden is such a successful arguer is because of his ideas and facts. Not all of them may be true, but because he has such a strong belief in them and the attitude that they could never be wrong, people take them for the truth. The way he presents his ideas is so thoroughly convincing that you would never believe that they might not be correct or even true.Tyler Durden is successful in arguments because he presents a strong front. He believes in what he is fighting for, and he uses methods that help the other person to believe it too, whether they realize it or not.On the other hand, the show “The View” is comprised of four women who sit in a studio and discuss the current...

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