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A Successful Coach And Motivator Essay

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A Successful Coach and Motivator


     This paper will focus on what it takes to be a successful coach and motivator in the 21st century and the general characteristics of the coaching process for the future leaders of corporate america. We will also discuss various ways to improved performance through commitment and discuss why some coaching techniques fail to produce the desired results.

     All coaching is a one-to-one conversation that is, in some way, focused on performance and commitment. However, all coaching is not successful. “According to Dennis Kinlaw successful coaching is mutual, communicates respect, problem-focused and change-oriented'; (p. 25).


The first phase in becoming a successful coach and motivator is a successful coaching conversation, managers should involve subordinates fully in the communications process. Successful coaching is not a didactic process – one in which the manager instructs and the employee listens. It should be a process of mutual exploration and discovery. Coaching is a process designed to make the most of what both members know. The manager’s main tasking is to ensure that both sets of information are used.

     In the second phase respect is what employees experience because of what the manager does. Respect results when managers encourage employees to give opinions and feedback during meetings, provide data and to offer objections to what the manager has said. It is easy for managers to become confused about the subject of respect for employees, especially for problem employees. “Kinlaw states that many leaders exemplify a common attitude that respect is something that people must earn, a treatment that employees deserve or do not deserve'; (p. 27). In truth, communicating respect for the employees as an individual or group is an essential aspect of coaching conversations if they are to improve performance and develop commitment to the organization. Supervisors leading a group must never lose sight of the fact that their job is to manage performance of the group and to ensure commitment to superior performance. It does not serve supervisors purpose to foster resentment, or to block the development of others.

     In the third phase, problem focus, “Pool states a problem is not necessarily something negative, it is only the difference between what is and what is desired to be'; (p. 271). In successful coaching, managers should stay focused on what can be described objectively: plans, actions, and events. Your main objective is to fix performance, not to fix individuals.

     In the final phase, we often learn from the past, but we cannot alter it. Managers who are successful coaches focus on what can be changed or improved. “According to Julio Olalla, a manager should always approach a coaching session with the expectation that performance and commitment will be reinforced or improved because of the conversation. The past should be used only to help...

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