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An Effective Essay: Using Credible Sources, Facts, And Appeals

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The word effective is an adjective meaning successful in producing a desired or intended result. In writing a persuasive essay, the desired result is that the readers will agree with the author, or at least put aside their stance on the argument and consider the author’s statements on the subject. Jeremy Rifkin’s essay, “Virtual Realities”, is very effective because he clearly expresses his side of the argument while not abusing the other stance, uses facts, and uses logical and ethical appeals.
Rifkin presents his article in such a way that he very clearly states his argument, but he does not scorn the other stance; this technique is important to creating an effective essay.Doing otherwise will cause the reader to put up a defense, and become unwilling to listen to the author’s point of view, and as a result the effectiveness is lost. To use this adequate tool, Jeremy Rifkin states in “Virtual Realities” how the virtual friend, Laura, responds to the children. “Laura, like any good exercise trainer, provides feedback on their performance, helps them improve on their regimen, and gives empathetic verbal and facial feedback” (Rifkin). With this statement, Rifkin acknowledges the opposing side without targeting them; he also commends the valuable technology that makes Laura “who she is”.
By using accurate data and credible sources to back up his argument to evade fallacies, Rikfin presents a powerful essay. According to Kim and Michael Flachmann, “Avoiding fallacies is important because readers who discover a fallacy or problem in logic are likely to question…intelligence, credibility, and perhaps even your interpretation of other evidence” (Flachmann 419). In Rifkin’s newspaper article, he uses surveys and reports done by other scholarly people; such as the U.S. Department of Education and the Kaiser Family Fund (Rifkin). These surveys and reports are not the opinions of the organizations; instead, they are based on solid numbers representing the American people. By using these types of statistics, readers are apt to accept the author’s credibility and consider the author’s views; as a result, creating an...

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