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An Emergency At The Station Essay

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I can remember that cold day in January three years ago. A co-worker and I were cleaning up around the Northside station on Jacob Street; the sounds of the congested traffic were all around us. Getting the station clean was all that we were thinking about at the time. I noticed a man wandering through the parking lot, and eagerly approaching me. In the meantime I continued to clean the windows on the bay doors, which were caked with dirt. I was lost in the moment when I heard, “Can I help you with something?” I had been waiting to hear those words for what seemed like an eternity and now I could finally get down off the ladder that I was working on. We shook hands. The man introduced ...view middle of the document...

Blood was coming from his ears and mouth which are signs of a head injury. As the 911 operator said “What is your emergency”, I stated that he was working on a ladder when he fell from about thirteen to fourteen feet. The operator asked where we were and it was then that I said we are at the fire station on Jacob Street, and that we had already started patient care. The operator said that they were sending an Acadian Unit to my location. My co-worker had the bag open and its entire contents spread out. All the community service worker could do was moan in pain. My nervousness ultimately got the best of me; I could not remember what I was trained to do. This was the first time this was happening to me. A few minutes later I could hear the specking sounds of the siren as it was coming down the road. As the unit arrived, two medics jumped of the ambulance and one came running toward us. The other medic was getting the equipment from the back of the truck. When he approached us, he asked what happen. I said that I was looking...

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