An End To Bullying: A Look At Some Of The Causes Of Bullying And Possible Ways To Correct Them

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Recently, the topic of bullying amongst pre-teens and teenagers has gained national recognition. Devastating stories of student suicides due to bullying have brought the issue to the forefront of American attention. A number of television news channels have aired specials about the issue, including Anderson Cooper’s in-depth coverage on his CNN program. President Barack Obama has addressed the topic of bullying, most notably when he held a conference at the White House in March of 2010. An Associated Press release about that conference quotes the President as remarking that we must “dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It's not” (“Obama: Bullying”). Clearly, Americans are alert to this terrible situation and want to work toward a reduction in, if not an end to, bullying. One step in working toward this goal is understanding why this phenomenon occurs. There are many reasons, of course, but a few stand out as most prominent. There are a few correctable causes of the rise in bullying amongst students in high school.
The first remediable reason that bullying occurs is raising awareness. As previously stated, national awareness has definitely risen in regards to this issue due to high profile cases where students end up fatally harming themselves after becoming victims. However, it is wrong to always wait until the situation reaches that terrible point to begin to address the issue. We should identify the problem when it begins and when it takes place instead of waiting until it has gone too far. Many cases of bullying go unnoticed. Students and teachers are often very busy dealing with a number of tasks and responsibilities. It is easy for people to become immersed in schoolwork or teaching and to miss the signs of bullying going on around them. According to a study reported in The Canadian Journal of Education, “Teachers were unaware that 10 of the 17 children were bullied” (Mishna et al. 723). While this is just one study, it indicates that often times it is difficult to recognize when bullying occurs. This is not necessarily the fault of the other students or teachers. They are very busy with their own lives and responsibilities. It can be difficult to tell when others are just teasing each other or if they are participating in a more serious form of victimization. When the school community is not aware of the bullying that is occurring, they may not even know the problem exists. Without this awareness, the bullying continues to go on and become worse. It would occur anyway, but this lack of knowledge about the situation can make it happen more often and with more severity. In order to correct this, awareness must be raised. Discussions should be open between educators and students. Students should be encouraged to anonymously report signs of bullying they see around them to counselors and teachers. If educators are made aware of the situation, measures can be taken to solve...

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