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A Stop To Plagiarism Essay

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Plagiarism is a really big problem these days, it doesn't matter which country you come from or how rich you are; what really matters is the education you have and the principles and values your parents have passed on to you to behave and succeed in life.Last Sunday, I had dinner in my neighbor's house. When I got there, the kids were watching a "Pirata" DVD. First, while you were watching the DVD you could see people standing up in their seats, which was really uncomfortable. Second, it was sad to know that people refilmed the movies with no remorse in the CINEMA!! And 3rd which was what really got me out of orbit was that they had bought a "Pirata" DVD with no guilt at all.Plagiarism happens in many countries, in different ways. In México we have from the most irrelevant case to the most amazing and unbelievable:" Copy-paste" in Internet, false IDs, "Pirata" DVDs, etc. México is crowded of markets were everything is plagiarized: clothes, CDs, DVDs, movies, shoes and others. Of course not all people agree with it, but most of them commit this crime without noticing what they are really doing. Right now, it is like a cultural virus that we can't clean. Not only in markets, who doesn't have a Louis Vuitton imitation handbag??? And you are proud that it cost less than half price!!! Or a Von Deutch imitation cap???South America has these problems too in a very high scale. They have most of all the cases existed in Plagiarism. They have...

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