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A Play Script Based On Federalist And Antifederalist Papers

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The men featured in this conversation will be:Alexander Hamilton James MadisonJohn Jay George ClintonRobert YatesSamuel BryanPatrick HenryMelancton SmithRichard Henry(Several men enter a room. The room is dimly lit, with only candles to provide it with light. Several tables are scattered across the rooms, with papers and inkwells on each of them. The walls are a beige color, yet look as if they need to be repainted. It is well kept however, and the chairs and furnishings look as if they are cleaned regularly. It looks like a classroom at some university.)James Madison- (Walking toward the audience) Recently, 12 of the 13 states sent delegates to a Constitutional Convention. The purpose of this convention was to fix our country's government. Under the Articles of Confederation, there was too much power given to the states, and too little given to the government. The government did not have the power to create an army to protect us from insurrections within ourselves...Robert Yates- (Interrupting) Protect us from insurrections!!! The government that you fine gentlemen created will someday become a tyranny!! This constitution is calculated to restrain the influence and power of the lower class to draw that discrimination we have so long sought after; to secure to our friends privileges and offices, which were not to be ... [obtained] under the former government, because they were in common; to take the burden of legislation and attendance on public business off the commonalty, who will be much better able thereby to prosecute with effect their private business; to destroy that political thirteen headed monster, the state sovereignties; to check the licentiousness of the people by making it dangerous to speak or publish daring or tumultuary sentiments; to enforce obedience to laws by a strong executive, aided by military pensioners; and finally to promote the public and private interests of the better kind of people. This government will rule us with an iron fist!!!(A young black woman enters. She carries a duster and says nothing. She begins dusting the room with it, keeping her silence)Alexander Hamilton-(Condescendingly) Do not listen to him. He speaks as an uneducated man who has no understanding of politics and our constitution. A firm Union will be of the utmost moment to the peace and liberty of the States, as a barrier against domestic faction and insurrection. The regular distribution of power into distinct departments; the introduction of legislative balances and checks; the institution of courts composed of judges holding their offices during good behavior; the representation of the people in the legislature by deputies of their own election: these are wholly new discoveries, or have made their principal progress towards perfection in modern times. They are means, and powerful means, by which the excellences of republican government may be retained and its imperfections lessened or avoided. This government that we have created will not...

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