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An Epidemic Essay

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The focus of this research is coronary heart disease (CHD) and the vulnerable population in the community in Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. To understand the population, one must be aware of the demographics of the community in question. Duval County is on the Northeast coast of Florida and has a population of over 900,000 (Duval County Health Department, Institute for Health Policy and Evaluation Research [DCHD], 2008). Of this population, 64.4% is white, 31.3% is black and 4.1% is other races (DCHD, 2008). Approximately 51% is female and 49% is male (DCHD, 2008).
Duval County consists of suburban, rural, and urban areas and has a total of six health zones made up of zip codes (DCHD, 2008). The community in emphasis is The Clara White Mission and its surrounding area. The Clara White Mission is located in health zone one and their zip code is 32206. Health zone one is considered the most urban area in Duval County with a population density of 2766.5 people per mile compared health zone five being the most rural with a population density of 177.1 people per square mile (DCHD, 2008). Zone one also has the largest number of minority residents in Duval County, which is 83% of the population compared to the lowest minority in zone six with a population of 18% (DCHD, 2008). In Duval County 41% of all blacks live in zone one.
Health zone one has the lowest average household income with $21,815 and the highest poverty level with 26% of the population living below poverty level in comparison health zone five has the highest average household income with $53,972 and the lowest poverty at a rate of 5% (DCHD, 2008). Duval County’s average household income is $41,118 (DCHD, 2008). In 2000, health zone one had the lowest education level with 32.1% having more than a high school graduation, compared with 65.1% in health zone six. Duval County had an overall 53.6% with greater than a high school graduation.
In 2006, 631,636 people died of heart disease and caused 26% of deaths—more than one in every four—in the United States (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2010). In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the community of health zone one. In 2006, the heart disease mortality rate in zone one was 236.9 per 100,000 residents and is the highest out of all six health zones in Duval County (DCHD, 2008). Duval County heart disease mortality was 187.4 and was higher than the state rate 171.4 age-adjusted per 100,000 (DCHD, 2008). While researching The Clara Whites Mission’s zip code the information found only revealed a mortality rate of heart disease, it is...

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