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An Essay About A Trip To Mexico

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Trip With DadDuring the summer break of 2003, I experienced the worst and most insightful trip of my life. My dad and I left on the last month of summer vacation to go to Mexico. It was there that I finally found my true inner self.It all began when my dad picked me up at my house with a tiny, red Jeep that was packed to the roof with camping gear including two enormous tents, an immense colorless ice chest, a hoard of canned groceries, a monstrous sized boom box, and other types of camping gear. If one did not know any better, you would think that there was a solid wall behind my head because you could not fit anything else into the car. I was not able to fit my possessions into the car!After I got into the car, we took an eight-hour drive to the San Quintin in Mexico. I was lucky to get pass the border because my passport was not up to date and I did not have any identification cards or devices on me. Most of the time I was sleeping but when I was not sleeping, the coolest thing that I had seen for hours was a campsite on the way there. I asked my dad if we could sleep there for a couple of nights but he has a one-track mind so he said that we could go there on the way back. The other thing I saw was some first-class surf and it killed me because I dislocated my knee a couple weeks before and I was still recovering from the injury. In fact I was still on crutches.When we got to our destination, San Quintin, my dad took me to this hotel that he knew of had a really good price, only ten American dollars a night. The hotel we went to was called, "Ciedro Linda," which was the most awful hotel that I have ever been in, in my life. This place had everything. I am talking about no electricity or light, no hot water, no televisions, and best of all, they did not even have a restaurant! We had to use candles because there was no source of light at all except the one at the bar. The only place that had good food was this restaurant, which was on the beach and had an ocean view. They made a stunning bean burrito and breakfast burrito. Before I went, I thought this trip was going to be truly entertaining, but after a while I realized that this trip could be the most monotonous trip of my life! Thankfully, I was surprised that the trip was not a total disaster in the end.When we got settled in to the hotel, our day started to get really repetitious and boring. Even though I was at the hotel for less than a week, my daily routine was basically: wake up, go to the local bar, get my self a root beer, go to the really good restaurant, get a seafood cocktail from these girls at the corner of a street near the hotel, and then go home. Repeat that in the same exact order another three times throughout the day and that was the schedule. The girls I met on the corner of the street were kind of attractive, but the only problem was that they did not speak one word of English and I did not speak one word of Spanish. I was successful in talking to them all thanks to my...

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