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An Essay About Cheese

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Marissa MorrisonEnglish 111-08Ms. Robertson4-11-14 (Peer Review)Annotated BibliographyZhu Ling, Thomas Breanna. "School-Based Obesity Policy, Social Capital, and Gender Differences in Weight Control Behaviors" American Journal of Public Health (2013) e1-e7. Web. 2. April. 2014.The authors Ling Zhu and Breanna Thomas explain the concerns of childhood obesity and the self-esteem for these young children in school districts in their journal, "School-Based Obesity Policy, Social Capital, and Gender Differences in Weight Control Behaviors", using an assertive tone yet a passionate tone to get positive feedback from their readers. The authors Zhu and Thomas acknowledge the problem by observing facts from the local schools promoting smaller food portions and making physical education mandatory to give the students more interaction; proving that females receive more beneficial results with social activity. Both of the authors share in their article a chart, explaining behavior trends of youth weight for calorie targeted behavior, and medicine based behavior; proving how behaviors can have positive results for a healthier lifestyle. Also sharing a survey that was given to the kids and the results shown the lack of effort in their lifestyle, 54.6% of students did not exercise to lose weight and 71.8% of students didn't eat less to lose weight.Jones E. Lauren, Buckner Ellen, and Miller Renee. "Chronological Progression of Body Dissatisfaction and Drive for Thinness In Females 12 to 17 Years of Age" Pediatric Nursing January-February 2014 Vol. 40 No. 1. Thurs. April. 3. 2014.The authors Lauren E. Jones, Ellen Buckner, and Renee Miller in their journal, "Chronological Progression of Body Dissatisfaction and Drive for Thinness in Females 12 to 17 Years of Age" explaining the results of young females feeling just a little less than perfect. The authors Jones, Buckner and Miller used a passionate and concerned tone to have the readers understand that really no one should go through an eating disorder. The authors support their explanation of the increasing amount of high-risk eating disorders in young females starting as young as the age of twelve. The author's purpose of this column is to inform others on how these young ladies have body dissatisfaction, a strong drive for thinness and will do anything to become in their own term, "thin." The authors found that bulimia is the number one eating disorder for women around the world. Some of these symptoms of an eating disorder can start from the age of twelve and the development can increase over time putting young girls at high-risk. The authors prove their argument by secondary cross-sectional data viewing the patterns of eating disorders in females.Chang C. Edward, Kahle R. Emma, Yu A. Elizabeth and...

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