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An Essay About How Martin Luther King Jr. Infulences The Lives Of All Peoples In The Black Community. It Furthermore Includes The Naacp Rosa Parks And The Montgomery Improvement Association.

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Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King Jr. changed many ways of the black community. King famous for many things which consists of; The Bus Boycott, BirminghamProtest march, and the Poor People's campaign. He fought for many rightsfor the blacks and he won a lot of the campaigns, but yet, he had also notgone through with every single case. Giving the blacks what they had askedand deserved for has changed us to this day. If it weren't for MartinLuther King Jr., the world may not be as it is now.Since the day Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on April 4th 1968, He hasevolved from a prominent civil rights movement in the United States. Hiswords were quoted by many people that had no power, people with great power,and by anyone who has a dream to make their life better, to better thenation, or the world. For his great efforts, monuments and other suchsymbolic figures have been dedicated to this courages man in his name.Monuments such as the Center for Nonviolent Social Change, was establishedto show his great efforts in his working abilities. Starting in 1986, theU.S. congress made King very different from the rest of the people by havinghis birthday to be remembered by having a holiday that laid on his birthday.King was brought up into a family of many Baptist ministers. Martin LutherKing Sr., his father, was a priest of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. This wasa very important position and role that was handed down to him from hiswife's father, Adam Daniel Williams. King Jr. being the son of a priest whohad been associated with the black middle class, was fortunate enough tohave many opportunities for education and also the experience that was notavailable for kids that lived in poor urban, and rural areas. DespiteKing's social structure, he was still faced to the teachings of segregationjust because of the color of his skin. This to me, is ridiculous. Noperson should be put into different classes just because he or she is black,white, Hispanic, or any other kind of race. All people should be treatedwith equal rights and freedom, and should be able to do whatever theyplease.King was always thought by other people that he would be following what hisfather and grandfather had always been doing, being priests. At first, Kinghad resisted his vocation, finding that it was wrong for him to address thesocial struggles he had experienced down South. After completing his highschool years early, King entered the Morehouse College in 1944 with ideas ofhaving a career as a doctor or a lawyer. George D. Kelsey, Dr. BenjaminMays had influenced King to understand the social and...

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951 words - 4 pages five days after his assassination on April 9. The funeral was an international event, with more than 300,000 people attending it. King’s tomb is located at the King Center in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.ConclusionRev. Martin Luther King Jr. was, in many people’s eyes, one of the greatest human beings to walk the Earth. His message and legacy was one of hope and peace; that one day, white people and black people could exist

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1057 words - 5 pages with a purpose; this is true for Martin Luther King Jr. For Dr. King a good life was one with nondiscriminatory and just laws and equality for all people no matter the color of their skin. He fought constantly and tirelessly to achieve fairness for all, and to give everyone, even blacks, an equal and good life. As an activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideal good life was a

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2205 words - 9 pages and consciences of their oppressors. Nonviolence was the path to a "Beloved Community", the actualization of the "Kingdom of God", a society "in which men and women live as children of God should live... a kingdom controlled by the law of love. " One such non violent protest held by King to lead Americans in the struggle for civil rights was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In 1955, a black woman named Rosa Parks boarded a bus and took her seat. The

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1201 words - 5 pages , he became an ordained minister who was an activist for change in the African American community. For example, in 1955 when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing, Martin Luther King Jr. was called on by the African American community to lead the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama in boycotting the cities public transportation system in response to racial segregation and what blacks felt to be mistreatment. Martin was called on by the citizens

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734 words - 3 pages discrimination by private employers. With this being done in March 1965 King organised another protest with 3,200 civil right demonstrators began to march from Selma to Montenegro concerning the harsh voting laws against black people. About 5 months after the march the laws were changed and black people for the first time were allowed to vote. With this all being done to help the black community and also with the help of Martin being brutally

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1013 words - 5 pages On April 13, 1944, a precocious 15-year-old boy from Atlanta, Georgia sat happily on a back seat reserved for blacks in the “colored” section of the bus. It was a joyful day so far for him. He had just won a public speaking contest about social equality; and he just couldn’t wait to tell his family about his achievement. His name was Martin Luther King, Jr. Soon thereafter, all the seats in the bus were filled up, and the bus driver quickly told

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1827 words - 7 pages .” ( Definition of Fair Housing Act of 1968 , Legal Dictionary at, Farlex Company. Accessed 15 January 2011.) In the early 1970’s many people had to overcome the racial discrimination that they felt towards their new black neighbors. It was a adjustment for them all. I believe that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision and heart for unity was just beginning. Its been over 40 years since he spoke out and began the change in the world