An Essay About Not Having To Where Any Uniforms To School

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final draft

Do you want to were school uniforms? Well I would not want to were school uniforms at all. In writing this essay I am going to try to persuade a group of principles to not be able to were school uniforms to school. There are three reasons why not to have uniforms and they are uniforms might not change the attitude of students, might effect learning negatively and students might go to different school ...view middle of the document...

Also students will stay in there normal social groups. And students will still get into as much if not more trouble in school. I think students will still have the grades they have now.

Also, uniforms will effect learning negatively. Students will get distracted thinking about there uniforms in class. Then students will get into trouble for new reasons. If students get into trouble a lot more they will stop learning because if they get into trouble they aren't in class to learn anything. And if students don't pass there tests, homework, quiz's or Fcat they will fail school.

Then, students will go to a different school because of school uniforms. Kids will not like uniforms and will go to a different school. School will not have many kids at Westwood because of school uniforms. If the school wants more kids than less kids next year then don't have uniforms. Most kids in Alachua County will hate to were school uniforms so don't make students were uniforms unless you want kids not to go to school.

In conclusion, I think uniforms will not help students at all because of three main reasons. Those reasons are uniforms might not change attitude of students, might effect learning negatively and students might go to a different school next year.

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