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Kevin Fisk Jr.
Mr. Scanlan
Dystopian Literature
27 September 2016
1984? Essay
Plenty of impactful things occur in ?1984?, by George Orwell. The characters alone carry a
lot of weight in making Oceania so intriguing. The single development of the characters to Big
Brother or The Party are so richly elaborated . The development of Winston and Julia's
relationship is no exception. These two characters most certainly delve deep into a short history
with each other that really falls flat by the end. This history opens their relationship to a great
deal of powerful similarities and idiosyncratic differences.
The relationship of Winston and Julia sprouts when Winston notices her working in the
Fiction department. Julia was the first time where we really saw Winston?s obscure interest in
woman. He shows interest in her by describing her as a ?bold-looking girl, of about twenty
seven, with thick hair? athletic movements. A narrow scarlet sash? was wound several times
round the waist? to bring the shapeliness of her hips? (Orwell, 9, 1.1). Immediately
contradicting his mental compliment towards Julia?s appearance, Winston commits his concern
in woman. Winston develops a fear that Julia is a spy due to her coincidental appearances and
gazes. This left him feeling scrutinized and giving him his personal conspiracy of her being apart
of the Thought Police.
Winston and Julia get to informally meet by a clever attempt on Julia?s behalf. She was
able to pretend to fall and look hurt; allowing Winston to help her up and unwillingly letting
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Julia slip a note saying ?I LOVE YOU? (4, 2.1). Julia shows Winston that she is interested in
him in some sort of way. This feeling of interest was mutual with Winston as well. Winston
eventually gets the guts to go and talk to Julia at her table. The two from this conversation over
soup were able to set up a place to meet. The crowded place where they meet shows that they
both are concerned about being watched by the telescreens. They both have an understanding of
Big Brothers keen ability to spot unusual behavior. The two also arrange a spot in a grassy knoll
where the two really embarked their relationship further. As Julia explained to Winston why she
was attracted to a man like him, Julia says ?As soon as I saw you I knew you were against
THEM? (6, 2.2). Winston right away knew she was against the Party and what Big Brother stood
for. Before getting intimate, Winston sparks the question of how many times she had any sexual
relations with a guy. Julia replies with ?Hundreds of times-well, scores of times, anyway? (9,
2.2). This was just another building block in their relationship. As they embraced each other,
they both saw it as a ?political act? against the party (11, 2.2).
Eventually, Winston rents a room. Winston rents the room noticing at first that there was
no telescreen. They both see this as an attractive element of privacy. The one concern Winston
developed about the room was the rats. He was...

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