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An Essay Abut Why In Today's Scociety People Believe That We Do Need Television.

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Why we Need TelevisionA black male appears on your television set and immediately a concept enters your mind; you can predict his character. The hypothesis you have formed in an inadequate amount of time would be notably different supposing the subject was white, and you are aware of this. As you continue to watch the television, the program plays out with precision as presumed. The lifestyle, language, and appearance of the character meet your expectations; within the simplicity of a stereotype you are amused and find enjoyment. This is acceptable. This is entertainment, how you spend countless hours of your life and billions of your dollars. Now place yourself in the shoes of an African-American person being stereotyped in the same way that the previously mentioned character was. You would feel angry, betrayed, disgusted, saddened, and very offended. Amusement and enjoyment would be unmistakably the farthest things you would perceive as a result of such assumptions.Why are the standards and expectations of what is acceptable in television and reality two completely different things? How can such hypocrisy exist? Why do we create these ideas and allow them to grow, to influence us? Who would expose their innocent child to such harsh, improper ideas to learn, laugh at, and grow from? Everything we are told not to do, every fantasy we have, every fear comes to life in the immoral world of television. Following will be probable answers to such questions. These answers will be explored through discussion on topics such as the construction of our society, our search for identity, and tendency to rebel, as a mass, against ourselves.Entrapment, immobility, the absence of progression and direction are typical concerns people have. Whether these concerns are justifiable or not, they are still predominant aspects of everyday life. Because of definite labels and guidelines that we have placed on our actions, thoughts, intellect, habits, our entire lives, as well as the idea of our after life; because of the definitions we have created in order to understand one another, to understand a common idea; because personal perception and morals have been thrown away; because of the extent of conformity that is expected of each person we possess these fears. On a monotonous threat of doing or being wrong we have built structures, lived lives. We have established punishments that are appropriate for our crimes, whether it is hell, jail, or just being looked down on, we will do anything to follow the rules we have created, and the moral standards we live and sometimes die for. Still, we feel we want to go against them. Often we cannot ignore our thoughts, our desires, and our needs. In order to successfully subside these impulses, to feel relief, something had to be created.Through the screen of a television, people can feel at ease. Something about it is reassuring; the perfection you have never encountered but regardless strive for, the problems you battle daily,...

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