An Essay Concerning The Application For Scholarship Funds For Miguel Coronel

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I can remember coming home one day my freshman year in high school. I opened the door to the house where we lived, closed it, and headed down to my and my mom’s basement apartment. There was food my mom had left for me between her two jobs, which I quickly ate before heading to my room - the only formal bedroom in our house, and began thinking about my life. I usually avoided thinking about the future more than I had to, but that day I couldn’t escape the thoughts that were going through my mind. The DREAM Act had recently been defeated. I had known I “didn’t have papers” since I was little, but I had only understood what it meant to be undocumented since the eighth grade. Suddenly, a burst of anger and pain came over me and I broke down in tears. When I woke up three hours later, I realized I would have to work harder than I had realized to achieve my dreams. This, however, did not deter me from pursuing them, and it is because of this reason that I am choosing to pursue a college education.
I was born in the city of Aguascalientes in Mexico. From what I know, my mother and I had a comfortable life there. When I was three years old, my mom decided my dad’s alcoholism and abuse was too much for either of us. Like many undocumented immigrants, I don’t think my mom intended for us to stay here permanently. Yet as time passed, Illinois became our home. I can remember being very young and waking up at four in the morning so my mom could drop me off with a lady who took care of me before she went to work at a factory. Eventually, my mom’s boyfriend convinced her to stop working. Although he was verbally abusive, I can look back on the seven years we spent with him, and I thank him for providing for us. My mom began working part time before they broke up, and once we moved out, she began working more hours. She’s currently working seven days a week. Much of my motivation for pursuing a college education is that I want to thank her for the sacrifices she’s made to make sure I can go to school have a successful future.
For a long time, the knowledge of my...

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