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The Alchemist: 94-122
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, is a story about a boy named Santiago trying to pursue his personal legend. there were many things throughout his journey that would discourage him and even bring him to the brink of completely giving up and going back to his old life but something or someone would always encourage him to keep pursuing his personal legend. About halfway through the story a mysterious character who happens to be an important part of the story appears before Santiago in the desert.
The mysterious character is a horseman dressed in black and that wielded a large scimitar, and rides a white horse. The horseman appeared before Santiago which gave him the idea that the horseman was just a messenger but realized that the horseman was much more threatening than just a regular messenger.
The horseman threatened, questioned and even gave Santiago some advice. One piece of advice the horseman told Santiago was “When something is written, there is no way to change it,” basically telling Santiago he must stick to his decisions. The horseman was speaking things that very few knew about, this gave Santiago an idea of the horseman’s identity.
Before the horseman could leave, he was stopped by Santiago who asked him the question...

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