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An Essay Describing The Theory Of Evolution And Its Basic Tenets

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The theory of Evolution is now a widely accepted means of explaining the way that life has developed on this earth. It is now believed by the majority of the scientific community and it is often used to explain biological phenomenon. The Theory of Evolution was based on the fossil layer and experiments conducted by the founder of evolution, Charles Darwin. In Darwin's time certain points of his argument were flawed due to the lack of the development of science at that time. Since then, the renewed interest in the work of Gregor Mendel and other new discoveries in genetics have given evolution the necessary processes required to explain the specifics of inheritance. There have been other theories used to explain the development of life on earth but evolution has the most evidence and most followers in the modern scientific community.To begin I would like to state the doctrine of which evolution is based on. It can be surmised in four parts. These premises are used to derive the theory of evolution - that is the theory that less complex forms of life developed into larger, more complex ones. The first point is that there is stability in reproduction. That is, individuals produce offspring similar to their parents. I am of the species human and I have characteristics of my parents such as my eye color, hair color, height, and other phenotypes as well as the predisposition towards diseases expressed within my genotypes.The second premise is that, all though organisms produce like organisms, there are variations. I am not an exact clone of my parents and have variations within both my phenotypes and genotypes. So while, there are similarities among progeny there are also differences. Also, these variations may be inherited among offspring. Just as I stated in the previous paragraph, an individual may receive traits from its parent.In most species, the number of offspring produced is much larger than the amount that actually survives to reproductive age. The obvious exception being humans. However, we have come a long way in medical advancement to prevent the death of a large number of our population. The majority of species do produce large amounts of offspring to ensure the survival of the species. The fish, frog, bacteria, and insect are all such species.All these premises all have an affect on the major point of evolution. All the other factors stated above affect the law of natural selection. Natural Selection is commonly referred to as "survival of the fittest." Natural selection removes those individuals of a population who would have a negative affect on the rest of the population. Those individuals best equipped to survive or reproduce will pass on their genes and therefore pass on the beneficial genes to posterity. For example, the faster cheetah is more able to catch food and thus survive to reproductive age. The slower cheetah may not be able to catch its food as readily and may die off. These are the basic premises behind the theory of...

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