An Essay Looking At Time Space Distinction And Television. Through Taking A Closer Look At Giddens' Theory On Globalisation. Including Bibliography.

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Giddens theory on globalisation indicates the key characteristics of the phenomenon to which we refer to as globalisation. His theory states that globalisation "tears away space from place' in that it allows, indeed 'fosters,' relations at distance - between people who are not united in the face-to-face presence of the locale". When we take this theory and explain it in simpler terms, it simply says that globalisation simply unites the world. In other words, it gives the impression that everyone is in the same place. Furthermore, Giddens theory goes on to state that because of the above statement it creates relationships between people from different countries even though they are so far apart and so very different. This can be assumed for the reason that people would relate to each other in the course of being exposed to globalisation.This essay will concentrate on the lengths to which television has an impact on globalisation, and how Giddens theory implements itself through this globalising structure. The Giddens theory is a process which consists of the following structure, time - space distanciation. This structure can be better understood through the following explanation "lifting out of social relationships from local contexts of interaction and their restructuring across time and space" (Giddens, Anthony Consequences of Modernity, 1990, 21). Additionally this essay will broaden ones view on the impact of globalisation through television and also explain how this globalising factor is one of the largest influential mediums at this point in time.We can clearly see that the first step of this 2-way structure is "time". It is clear that television has been around for quite some time and that over the years it has become more of an everyday household item. Before the television became one of the globalising factors there were four other eras and three of these were electrical eras, specifically, "Print media in the 15th century" (Lecture 6, July 27th 2006), then the telegraph era arose, which was the first electrical age. The telegraph aided "towards political Communication among colonial governments" (Lecture 6, July 27th 2006), the second electrical age was News Agencies / News Media along the Lines of colonial structures. The third electrical era was Radio which aided towards Intra- and International communication for 'mass' audiences. The fourth and last electrical era was when the television came into play as a globalizing factor.The television developed very promptly over time in the mid 1870's, the first experiments were conducted in the US regarding this new globalising factor. In 1931 CBS studios began regular broadcasting, this studio broadcasted up to 28 hours a week, then in 1932 BBC was the second studio to begin regular broadcasting. In early 1935 in Germany the Olympics were broadcasted for the first time, after this great event the New York Fair was the first demonstration of broadcasted television in 1937. In 1940 the National...

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