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An Essay On Edward's Syndrome Also Known As Trisomy 18.

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Edward's syndrome! Yes, indeed it is one of many disorders that after hearing about it, one cannot help but sadden. For, it has great impacts on the individual it emerges in, as well as his/her family overall.Edward's syndrome is a rarer cause of mental retardation than Down's syndrome, and a more severe disease. About 30% of babies with this condition die in the first month and fewer than 10% survive the first year (Oxbridge Solutions Ltd, 2003). Imagine that! Hearing about anyone with a disease derives empathy in the hearts of people, especially, a baby, a newborn, who is innocent, and without fault, but unfortunately becomes a victim of such ailment. That is exactly why, many can find in their hearts to sympathize not just for the baby, but as well as their parents who treasure and deeply love their infants. Luckily, the incidence of this condition is about 1 per 6000 live births, with a male to female ratio of 1:2 (Oxbridge Solutions Ltd, 2003). Thus, it does not affect many.Babies who have Edward's syndrome nearly always have problems with their heart, lungs and digestive system. Typical characteristics are a small head, a flat forehead and receding chin (Baby world, 2003) see fig. 1. This syndrome results in babies generally having feeding problems. Many have weak sucking and uncoordinated swallow, resulting in choking and sometimes vomiting. Due to this, these children are usually more delayed in growth. A baby who has difficulty taking in enough nourishment for comfort and growth will sleep poorly because of hunger. Complicating this is the difficulty of emptying the bowel, which results in discomfort and unease (S.O.F.T. 2003)....

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