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An Essay On Human Adaptability. It Talks About Evolution Of The Human Person.

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Stronger, Faster, Better, we have the adaptability2003Stronger, Faster, Better, we have the adaptabilityMoments before its life is abruptly ended, a particularly sneaky and cleaver mosquito pushes its needle into the back of a man who lives in Africa. Unfortunately for our African friend, the mosquito carried with it the disease known as malaria. More unfortunately was the fact that the malaria had already been in contact the African's blood, which normally would most likely result in a nasty case of malaria. However, all his life this African carried with him a genetic disorder known as Sickle Cell Anemia. While this disorder can be life threatening when ill treated, it makes our African friend immune to malaria. After years and years of malaria outbreaks, many people in Africa have adapted to their environment. This is human adaptation at its best, the human observes a problem in its life and slowly it changes itself to live in harmony. The Human body is an amazing organism that is capable of adapting to nearly any environment or situation. It is this ability to change with the times that have lead us down the evolutionary path to dominance. Humans are at the top of the food chain, they have overcome against all odds and evolved from single celled organisms into the complex being that we are today.Chevalier de Lamarck was a famous scientist throughout the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries. He was a professor of zoology at the museum of Natural History of Paris. While working at the museum he developed his own theory of evolution that made him one of the pioneers of evolutionary theory. "He conceived of evolution as the result of the adaptation oforganisms to the environment and that this adaptation was transmitted from parent to offspring" (Comas, 55). Lamarck believes that something changes in the environment and individually organisms change to best fit their needs. After a series of similar adaptations the species will change and possess these new traits. Also included in his evolutionary theory are four important principles: Life tends to increase the size of an organism, not just its overall size, but every part. Each organ is there for a specific need or want that was once in the environment. Organs are like muscles, the more they are used and worked out the stronger and more developed they become; conversely, the less they are needed the smaller and weaker they become. Finally, all of an organism's traits are acquired by its parents through heredity. "Habit constitutes a second nature and produces two types of modifications, one by means of progression or development and the other by means of regression or degeneration" (Comas, 57). Lamarck's model for evolution can be shown to apply for humans very easily. For example, a tree dwelling ancestor of the modern human would have opposable thumbs on both his hands and his feet, for climbing. After several generations of just using feet for walking, the opposable thumb on the feet would not...

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