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An Essay On Living In Florence, Oregon

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Florence, Oregon I grew up in Florence, Oregon. It is a really small town located an hour west (on HWY 126) from Eugene. Living there you don't appreciate all that it has to offer. Florence is a retirement town and a tourist trap. Being located right on the Pacific Ocean makes it even more appealing to the eye. I guess you could say Florence is one of those places where if you live there, you hate it. But once you leave the place you miss it. I can't really say I miss being there, but I do miss being so close to the ocean, and all the nature and beauty around it. When I first moved there, my parents took me to Sea Lion Caves about eleven miles north of Florence, and it is one ...view middle of the document...

Did you ever hear about the guy that blew up the beached whale in Oregon? I can tell you that it is true. It did happen. A dead whale washed up on shore and the Navy ordered some officials to stick dynamite in the whale, and blow it up. The theory was that the remains would be blown into the ocean and the seagulls would eat it. They were wrong of course, and it splattered all over the watchers and crushed someone car.This also happened in the 70's: about 40 sperm whales beached themselves roughly in the same spot where the blown-up whale was well blown up, and died. Instead of being blown up, officials opted to burn the whales and bury them. Now why they didn't do this before, I have no idea. It is starting to sound like Florence is a fictional town in La La Land huh?In the mid to late 90's, Warner Brother's came to Florence, and made a movie. The rented someone's house and gave it a make-over. The house had to look like a house in the 70's. I was working at Taco Bell at the time, and these guys came in and ordered 100 tacos, 100 soft tacos, and 100 bean burritos. It was cool. We were really busy, and the guys gave everyone who was working 100 bucks. My mom was working at this really fancy hotel called Driftwood Shores, and that is where all the movie people stayed. I guess Tom Cruise produced the movie, it is called "Pre", I think. The movie was a biography on the famous college track star,...

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