An Essay On The Effects Of Smoking And Alcohol W/Bibliography

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SMOKINGI don't smoke, but the people I have asked about why they smoke have answered that it helps them cope with stress. But along with this all of them had said they would like to quit.People start smoking for many different reasons, some of them being stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. The average teen smoker smokes their first full cigarette by the time they are 13 years old. This is a time in their life when they do not know how to balance the stress of everyday life and smoking is one of the traps they can fall into.Smoking is a mental, social, habitual, and physical addiction. Smokers will loose weight and begin to look leaner due to the increase of muscle stimulation; this increases self-esteem creating a mental addiction. Some smokers will develop a social addiction due to the company they keep. Smokers will also begin to develop habits with their smoking, for example when they get in the car or after a meal. Smokers also develop a physical addiction to the nicotine in cigarettes and suffer from withdrawals when they attempt to quit.I am not sure what it would take to stop my friends from smoking. They all know the risks, but they are will to take them. Even the FDA has listed nicotine as a drug and that it should be regulated, but that doesn't stop them either.Cigarettes are a gateway drug. In a recent study by Columbia University they stated that the earlier children use the gateway drugs tobacco or alcohol or marijuana, the more likely they are to move on to other drugs. Youths who drank alcohol were 50 times more likely to use cocaine, and those who smoked cigarettes were 19 times as likely to use cocaine. Nearly 90% of cocaine users had smoked or drank alcohol or used marijuana first.The true allure to smoking for children is that they see adults do it. So it must be a grown-up thing to do. And, even though cigarette ads are no longer allowed on TV, they still find their way into our homes through sports (NASCAR), music (Videos), and Magazines.ALCOHOLI definitely feel that there are responsible drinkers in the world; as a matter of fact I would...

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1133 words - 5 pages The Effects of Smoking on the Body Almost one third of the World’s population are smokers for one reason or another, appearance, reduce stress etc. However, I, and many others, find it very difficult to believe smoking can aid anyone’s appearance as it encourages early ageing, and I do not believe that any of the risks that smoking has is worth any amount of stress relief that it can provide. Cigarette smoking can

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1783 words - 7 pages The Effects of Alcohol on the Body Alcohol is one of many dangerous substances that effects our bodies. The effects of this drug can be very harmful. Alcohol is a potent non-prescription drug sold to anyone over the national legal drinking age, 21. Unlike other deadly drugs it is easy to access. This makes it easy to over-consume and create a tragic accident, even death. It can damage a person not only physically but also mentally and

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1451 words - 6 pages The Effects of Alcohol on the Body (word count includes outline) Alcohol can be helpful or harmful to the body depending upon the amount of alcohol consumed. Drinking in moderation increases life expectancy, reduces the likely hood of heart attacks and other diseases. Heavy drinking can lead to poor nutrition, liver disorders, strokes or heart attacks, and affect sexual desire and offspring. Although alcohol is usually considered

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973 words - 4 pages have an effect on the intake of alcohol in a person. Too much alcohol can cause eternal damage to the body and possibly lead a person into death. During this point most people are too late because alcohol is a strong substance, that no matter what doctors may try to do it can still hinder the ability of the organs functional process. Too many drinks can cause effects not only leading into alcohol poisoning, but also damage to the organs, brain

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971 words - 4 pages ability and actions which are known to be unintentional. Cancer may evolve from being an addict of this deadly substance. Alcohol is a substance that is transported into the bloodstream that is in taken through a person’s mouth which can further down the line lead to eternal damage. Too much alcohol can potentially damage a person’s organs, brain, and etc. This can possibly lead to alcohol poisoning if it is keeps up. Alcoholism is better known as an addiction that has short-term and long-term effects on a person. This substance is known to have many effects on a person whether they are addict or just an average occasional drinker.

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1371 words - 5 pages . This effect results in learning disabilities and memory dysfunctions. Also, sleep disturbances disrupt the release of hormones that are deemed essential for adolescent development, physical growth, and maturation in all areas of health. Alcohol use in an adolescent also affects the risk of premature stroke, if not when the adolescent becomes the age that certainly risks a stroke. Alcohol also has effects on the

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814 words - 3 pages alcohol as a depressant but others use it to make them feel better.There are short term and long-term effects of drinking. Major long-term effects are serious physical and mental disorders. An alcoholic's life is usually 10 to 12 years shorter than a non-alcoholic. Alcohol can cause people to have poor nutrition, which will cause them to have a bad diet and become very unhealthy. There are many diseases humans can get if they drink a lot; the best

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1697 words - 7 pages alcoholism. A person with alcoholism is basically an alcoholic or a person who consumes a lot of alcohol. A person without alcoholism is the casual drinker; this is a person who drinks occasionally. For people who do not suffer from alcoholism, the effects of alcohol on their sleep and sleep patterns are different than those of people with alcoholism. For people who do not have alcoholism, alcohol consumed at bedtime, after an initial

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1880 words - 8 pages much more. Putting all of this into perspective it's hard to say what exact effects alcohol will have on the brain. Exactly how alcohol affects the brain and the livelihood of reversing the impact of heavy drinking on the brain is still part of ongoing research (Alcohol Alert).At the beginning of receiving this assignment I thought this essay was going to take me forever to write but now I realize how easy this essay became once I read the

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768 words - 3 pages Some problems with pronouns"It has been estimated that the average American college student drinks more than 34 gallons of alcohol every year (Oviatt)." Alcohol consumption seems harmless and a normal part of the college experience. It is still used and abused among a number of students. We must recognize the effects alcohol has on a college student."Adolescence is also a time of trying new experiences and activities that emphasize socializing

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533 words - 2 pages Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. The ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, contained in alcohol-containing beverages enters the bloodstream as it is absorbed through the stomach and, most efficiently, the intestines. The effects are immediate as the bloodstream becomes dilute with the ethyl alcohol and that blood travels to the brain and spinal cord.Ethyl alcohol seems to bind to neurons' receptors for gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is an

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