An Essay On The Human Resource Management Schemes Adopted By Domino's Pizza. Implication Of 30 Minute Or Free Delivery On The Delivery Boys.

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Domino's Pizza 30 minutes or free campaign: Repercussions on the Delivery boys Introduction: Back in 2002, one of the authors of this report witnessed an accident that involved two bikers, one car and a man on foot. One of the two bikers was a scooter-boy from Domino's Pizza chain. The altercation that followed the accident revealed that the pizza delivery boy was the main cause of the accident. He was riding beyond speed limits, trying to overtake and in this process had led to a biker (coming from the opposite side) lose his balance and collide with him. Subsequently a car and a man crossing the road on foot also became victims and suffered minor injuries. The next day, newspapers reported that the pizza delivery boy admitted he was over speeding and this was just to save himself the embarrassment of receiving a chide from his superior for not making a delivery within 30 minutes of ordering, as promised in a popular Domino's Ad campaign. The reporter suspected that pizza delivery boys over speed also to save on the salary cuts which they have to bear if the delivery is not made on time. Whether this was true or not could not be established beyond doubt then. Originally perceived as a revolutionary marketing tool when it was launched two and one-half years ago, the Domino's 30 minute or free guarantee has come under siege because of accident involving the company's delivery drivers. The numerous reports of reckless driving, catapulted the controversial service to the national forefront. Incidents like this prompted the group to investigate if it was true that the pizza delivery boys were being penalised for a late delivery. If yes, what was the rationale behind introducing such a policy and if not, how did the whole mechanism work. What kind of working environment they have inside the store which helps them perform better outside the store? Domino's asserts that it is a company committed to safe driving. Slated to appear in selected insurance, food-service, and police trade publications and on 21 million Domino's pizza box tops, Domino's introduced print ads that are actually signed statement by Domino's president, Dave Black. In the ad he states that road safety has always been the first concern of the chain's nearly 80,000 drivers. In India we do not see any such messages on the pizza boxes or in any media. Were the HR policies followed in other countries and India different from each other? Are the delivery boys really penalized for late deliveries? Does the fear of humiliation by superiors loom large on delivery boys? The group cannot say that in the past 3 months we have arrived at answers to the above questions. What we can say is that the responses have definitely been different in different places and outlets. There is no unanimous acceptance or denial of any allegations. We did try to investigate the working conditions especially when a boy was on delivery. This was done by closely following the driver when he goes out to deliver an...

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