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An Essay On The On Four Defining Moments In Canadain History; Includes: Battle For Vimy Ridge, Battle Of The Atlantic, Dieppe, And D Day.

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My first defining moment in Canadian History is the battle of Vimy Ridge that took place in World War One. This battle involved Canadian forces to take part in an overall ten-day campaign. The reason this battle was a defining moment for Canada is because Vimy Ridge was the turning point of the "Great War", and it was the Canadians who captured the ridge. Also Vimy Ridge was the first time ever in Canadian history that all four of the Canadian divisions fought in the same battle. Another reason that Vimy Ridge was such a defining moment for Canada is that since the start of the war, French and British forces had been trying to capture Vimy Ridge from the Germans. The French and British had spent thousands of casualties and millions of dollars in their attempts to take Vimy Ridge and the Canadians came in and completed the campaign in a total of ten days. The Canadians had a total of 11 297 casualties by the end of the battle. 3598 men lost their lives, 7104 men were wounded, and 595 men were reported missing in action. Vimy Ridge was so important to take from the Germans because Vimy Ridge was a key position in the German lines. Since the ridge had such a great view of the surrounding area, the Allies knew that if they were to take control of Vimy Ridge, it would expose German positions that the Allies could gun down from their new gained vantage point. As a result the entire area surrounding Vimy Ridge would become Allied territory. Another reason Vimy Ridge was such a defining moment is that for the first time ever the Canadians practiced taking Vimy Ridge months in advance to the actual battle date so that the Canadians forces would be prepared and somewhat experienced in the battle. That's why the Canadians were so successful; the French and British never practiced, so when the actual battle came their forces were unfamiliar with the terrain and disoriented with what was happening around them.My second defining moment in Canadian history lasted the entire duration of World War Two. My second defining moment is the battle for the Atlantic. Canada played a very large role in the battle for the Atlantic. In the early months of the World War Two, ships were organized into large groups over many square kilometers. These large groups were called convoys. Since there were so many ships in such a small area these ships were at great risk of attack. The Germans created a submarine that was designed mainly to sink these large convoys. This sub was called a U-boat (underwater boat). Large groups of U-boats called wolfpacks would sink many ships during the war. Canada was given significant responsibility for the protection of the convoys travelling across the Atlantic. It looked as if the allies were losing the battle of the Atlantic until Canada constructed the anti-submarine boat also known as the corvette. Corvettes were small, fast ships equipped with depth charges that made them the perfect protection for convoys against German U-boats. Another...

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1616 words - 6 pages was fought for three years in an ocean over 3,000 miles wide and stretched from the Artic Sea in the north to the south of the Equator. This battle proved the most prolonged and complex battle in the history of naval warfare. The Battle of the Atlantic was also a death battle, because of all the people that died. Works Cited “Atlantic Charter.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica. 1994 ed. Bailey, Thomas A. and Paul B. Ryan. Hitler vs

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2578 words - 11 pages to focus on the less defended US coast. The US was a major source for most of the supplies that Britain needed and when they decided to join the war, the burden of the Canadian fleet grew. 19 The Canadian fleet that was committed to the Battle of the Atlantic had 270 warships that were ocean escorts. 20 “The RCN was founded in 1910,” (page 20, Harbon D John) they had made very important contributions, they sank about 31 enemy submarines in the

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