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An Essay/Review On "A Cage Of Butterflies" By Brian Caswell Students Are To *Discus Intelligence *Morals And Ethics That Appear In The Novel *Discuss Fear And Use Examples From The Novel

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The novel, a cage of butterflies, is an exemplary example of the phrase “all good books have something to say and say it well.” A few issues the novel discusses are fear, the ethics and morals of using human guinea pigs and the nature of intelligence. In the novel many of the characters serve various functions, they may represent an particular idea or notion, for example Larsen is the epitome of hate whereas Ricardo and the other babies represent the idea of innocence and vulnerability.Often people say they are afraid of the dark, its not the dark they are afraid of it is the unknown. What’s there to be afraid of if you could “see” in the dark? I use inverted commas ...view middle of the document...

The novel also discusses the ethics and morals of using human guinea pigs. I believe it is immoral and wrong to use humans for scientific research unless they (not their parents or guardians in the case of children) have volunteered. The book euphonises the Institute because although Larsen and Macintyre are cruel the kids have a good time together and as Miriam says, “They would rather die than be apart.” The book is set in a Scientific Research Laboratory, an appropriate setting for the theme (scientific research on humans).Another issue the novel focuses on is the nature of intelligence. Intelligence is something…so different…. intelligence is so complex that even our ways of measuring it are (at the best) faulty. As Mikki says “IQ is just a measurement of your potential, not a guarantee that you will reach it.” To measure IQ, where to start? There are so many different ideas and concepts. You could be tested on a particular subject/area that you are very familiar with and then, therefore score well. Or, just as easily, you could be tested on an area/subject you know very little about and therefore neither...

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