An Essay That Addresses All The Points Of Why Abortion Should Be Illegal In The U.S.

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In past years people have thought of abortions as the "easy way out" of having a baby. The number of abortions per year is ridiculous. The murder must be stopped. Abortion should be illegal in the U.S.Many women explain to doctors and family that they just didn't want a baby, and that's why they're having an abortion, but there's more to their reason than they're telling. For many women a baby would disrupt work and/or schooling. Other women just can't afford a baby being in their life at the moment. Then there are the women that don't have a strong relationship with the father, and want to avid single parenting. Or naturally they're just unready, unwilling, and/or scared of the responsibility that comes with parenthood.Today it's only heard, that young women under the age of 17, and that are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are getting abortions. The truth is that it's more than just that group of people. Studies show that women between the ages of q18 - 25 had the most abortions. Just these women couldn't have made up the 1.6 million abortions that occur world wide per one year. African American and Hispanic women are most likely to have abortions. Another study shows that proportionally more women with family incomes of fewer than 11,000 dollars have abortions. Most surprisingly teens 15 and under are least likely to have abortions.An outrageous number of abortions are performed in the United States and worldwide per day. There are about 4,000 abortions performed in the U.S per day, and 100,000 worldwide per day. An additional 30,000 pregnancies occur when the teens are under the age of 15. Over 760,000 were performed in 1973 currently 1.6 million abortions are performed per year!Today abortion is considered expectable, but only if the reason for abortion meets the bill exceptions. The exceptions are when a mother is in danger, when the woman declares that she is a...

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1260 words - 5 pages the same rights that an adult has (Sade). Another scholar, Clifford Grobstein professor at the University of California San Diego, mentioned that scientifically the fertilized egg is living (Grobstein et al.). Professor Grobstein understands that the legislature cannot define what constitutes life, and that is why science is needed. If we use what professor Grobstein considers as life, to the constitution, abortion may be illegal in the eyes of the

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This essay is an essay on abortion which is written in Regerian argumentation style. It addresses both the prolife and prochoice viewpoints but is ultimately pro life.

1758 words - 7 pages the life of the mother, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. 15 percent believe it should be illegal in all cases.Background informationIn the United States about 1.6 million pregnancies end in abortion. Women with incomes under eleven thousand are over three times more likely to abort than those with incomes above twenty-five thousand. Unmarried women are four to five times more likely to abort than married and the abortion rate

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637 words - 3 pages bornedies.The real question in the medical world which is one of ethics is, "is abortionmurder, and when does life begin?" My beliefs on abortion is that it is murder and thatit should be illegal to have an abortion in the United States. I also believe that lifebegins when the cells start to divide soon after conception. I do not think it is just atissue that can be thrown out like a piece of garbage.Abortion is a ethical dilemma because it is

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