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An Essay That Would Be Of Particular Use To Training Teachers. It Describes The Fundamental Principles Of Teaching Geography To Young Children

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'Identify and evaluate characteristics of good practice in geography'Geography has many meanings, the most widely accepted and known being derived from ancient Greek, interpreted as 'description of the world'. This is exactly what teachers are required to teach children - about our world, our own impacts unto the world, formations of nature, the different cultures and species within our world, how to look at and make use of maps and other geographical images. All being of the world.The National Curriculum requires teachers help children understand all aspects of geography. At key stage one there are four areas in which the children should have access to in their learning, this means that the teacher can attack geography from four different angles or perspectives. All these objectives blend into one another, and should not taught completely separately. The first area in which children should have some knowledge in is geographic enquiry and skills, this involves exploration of surroundings and map making, which leads on to the second objective locational knowledge. This area should be focused on the child exploring their own region first, then others across the county, country and globe. Not only on land scale, but also the 'personalities' of the area, i.e. culture, inhabitants, environment, weather and it's effect on the land. The third objective for geography at key stage one is environmental change and development. This area focuses more on problems and inequality of the land or environment. The last objective is patterns in physical and human processes. This is more concerned with human impact unto the world and nature's influences on human life, an important aspect to be taught as technology is rapidly changing our world and children should be aware of what is natural and what is man made. Also respect for our world and knowledge of human error (i.e. pollution) should be a focus point for discussion where opinions and concerns of the children can be aired. Key stage two children are taught more in depth on the above themes, ethics and a wider look at geography are just two of the areas that can be expanded on for this age range. The national curriculum also introduces the requirement for investigations, knowledge on environmental change and effect, and the understanding of maps (i.e. scales and the use of the symbols). 'During key stage two pupils investigate a variety of people, places and environments at different scales in the United Kingdom and abroad, and start to make links between different places in the world' (National Curriculum, 1999, p.112)At foundation stage the children should have opportunities to question the world around them (Knowledge and Understanding of the World in the CGFS). This is the main way in which young children will learn about their surrounding environment, and effective practitioners must recognise this need and provide children with the freedom to investigate and question their world in their own time and from...

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