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An Essay To Explain The Meaning And Significance Of Baptism For Christians Today.

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There are many meanings and responsibilities with important significances of Christians today through baptism. Being baptised as a Christian means that you become a full member of the church community and the significance of that is that you have to worship God in church every Sunday with the community as that is what Christianity is about. We are told to keep the Sabbath holy in the Ten Commandments.When we were baptised, we joined God's family so we also joined the commission that Jesus his son gave us. Jesus told us to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out evil sprits. A practical understanding of this for Christians today is to stand up for the Word of God and the Gospel and lead example for others according to the Gospel, to help people who are in need of someone and give your time to someone, for example, giving money to charity like CAFOD or Christian Aid, and putting a stop to any evil you see, for example, if someone is doing something wrong, you should tell them to stop and show them what is right, and also get rid of any evil and temptation in yourself.Being baptised means becoming a child of God and the significance of this is to follow God's will and values which means following the Ten Commandments, which all have practical meanings for Christians today as they are. Jesus also gave us these commandments; to love your neighbour as yourself, to love your enemies, to put yourself last before anyone else and to forgive everyone. Today, loving your neighbour and enemies means not treating people whom you don't like badly or differently to others. Putting yourself last means that you live life as God wants and trying to forget about material things. Christianity means thinking of others before yourself and making sure that something you do to please you doesn't affect others around you in a bad way. But it...

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