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An Essay To Improve The Delivery Of Service Quality For A Technical Services Provider

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An industrial machine agent has two department, the sales department which promote and sell machines and the after sales service department which provide the after sales services and technical support to all machines sold by the sales department.

The after sales services department is the backbone of the sales department, since the professional technical support gives the potential to the sales department to sell more machines. In other word, the sales people sell the first machine to the customer, and the service people sell the second, the third - and so on - to the same customer. Usually, when the sales man approach customers to promote a machine, he promote the services ...view middle of the document...

The customer filled the required information and he wrote the error message which appeared on the machine immediately after the accident, the error message was general and not indicating what happen to the machine. Once the service coordinator received the filled form, he checked the warranty status in the database in which he found it expired, thereafter; he sent out the service quotation to the customer. In this case, the breakdown won’t be attended unless the official purchase order comes from the customer!

The service coordinator received the order on the next day, and since all the qualified engineers were already scheduled for another service jobs, he scheduled this breakdown on the next day. Once the service engineer visited the customer, it didn’t take him long time to notice that the operator encountered a collision and one sensor got broken. He sent his report to the service coordinator including all the details of the required sensor to be imported from the manufacturer.

Once the service department received a spare part request, it followed a procedure similar to the service call procedure, where the machine warranty status is checked, quotation is sent, order is received, and then place an order for the required part from the manufacturer and ship it with an express courier. This process took four days, one day the customer took to release the purchase order for the part, and three days to deliver the part.

The service engineer scheduled to replace the defected part on the next day of the part arrival, he went to the warehouse to take the required part, he waited two hours the administration desk to prepare the invoice and delivery note then checked the part and the required tools to handle execute this job by himself, and the he proceed to the customer and did the repair job in four hours.

The customer was totally not happy and not satisfied from this breakdown event, he realized afterword that the repair job is simple and it took only 4 hours, while his machine stopped for eight working days, at the same time as the machine is under breakdown, three employees were setting idle and he had to process his sheet metal part in another workshop, which increased the cost dramatically. Moreover, he was under the impression that the service department will repaired any breakdown within 24 hours!

The customer placed an official complaint to the service manager, the service manager discussed this complaint with the technical manager, and he surprised that this breakdown could be repaired temporarily if the service engineer bypassed the sensor!

Table 2 next page shows the activities which have been done during the breakdown, the gray sections indicates all the administration and preparation activities, while the blue section shows the actual repair job (“Wrench Time”).

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Breakdown Occurred Admin Work Inspection Admin Work Part Shipping Admin Work Repair job
Breakdown days = 8 Wrench...

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