An Essay To Show How Billy Is Treated In A Kestrel For A Knave

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In this essay I will be looking into the treatment of Billy in A Kestrel for a Knave, the emotions surrounding them and comparing and contrasting the differences between how three characters treat Billy, those three characters are Billy’s Mother, Jud, and Mr Farthing. The novel, A Kestrel for a Knave, is about a young boy who doesn’t fit in much, he doesn’t have a farther and gets picked on at school, to top it all off he has a terrible home life with his brother Jud bullying him and his mum going off every night drinking. If you take this all into consideration these factors help amplify any feeling we get when a character interacts with our underdog, Billy.
The first character I will look at is Billy’s Mother. Billy’s Mother is a bit of a sleep around; this is implied because when we first meet her in the novel she mistakes Billy entering the house for her current boyfriend Reg. During this scene it is also implied that she doesn't really care too much about Billy or that she is a bit neglectful as she asks Billy for a cigarette even though he is only 15 and asks him to basically steal some cigarettes, eggs, butter, and bread from the local store. We also see that she is neglectful because when she is going out to the pub she leaves him money for ‘some pop an’ some crisps’ as dinner. She is not much of a mother as the description of the house at the start of the novel proves; it is cold, unwelcoming and there is no food there are clothes strewn around piled on furniture which shows that she doesn’t care too much about keeping things tidy she is also a coward and doesn’t stand up to her own son Jud. Personally I see Mrs Casper as being a pathetic role model; she doesn’t care about Billy’s health and treats him as her own personal slave.
The next character I will look at is Jud, Jud is Billy’s half-brother. He is aggressive, violent both physically and verbally not only to Billy, but his mother also. He bullies Billy he ‘thumped Billy in the kidneys’ until Billy was sobbing he then goes onto use Billy’s sweater as a vest leaving Billy to go without and uses Billy’s bike to go to the mine on. The impact of this is that as the reader you see that Jud only think’s about himself and no one else, he is a bit of a lady’s man thinking he is 'God’s gift to women' and when he is going out he thinks that ‘some bird’s goin’ to be lucky tonight’ because he is going to meet them. He treats Billy as his slave, expecting him bets on for him, and when Billy doesn’t he punishes Billy by killing his Kestrel, He is understandably furious when...

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