An Essay Which Identifies The Thesis, The Argument, And The Conclusions Of The Book

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It is ironic how a reading can affect a person’s way of thinking and followed actions. Personally, this is why I enjoy a good read. However, I become rather curious when discussions turn into debates as a result of the political and religious concepts within a book.
Paul Johnson's Socrates aims to get rid of the mystery, as he was thought to be “clever” . He lays it all and introduces his audience to the truth about “Happiness, Optimism, and Justice”. An effective comparison is presented between Socrates's ethics and the constructed, and even unusual and startling demands of Jesus. Here Socrates admits within the Crito that only a few can consider that it is always wrong, after you ...view middle of the document...

"Johnson's information of his subject wobbles; which seems to happen more than once in the book.
Johnson highlights various Socratic principles, most notably the separation of the body and soul, Socrates' devotion to the law, the immorality of revenge, the requirement to coach girls and also the corrosive need to possess things. Johnson additionally notes that Socrates' use of humor and irony were guaranteed to be lost many times-and were techniques disastrous to his own defence at his trial. On the other hand, at one point in Johnson’s book, he clearly declares that Socrates's concepts "fitted in completely with Christ's teaching. Socrates refuses to answer the pressing question of the way to live; Christianity insists it is the solution, an unconcealed truth that merrily bypasses philosophy . I was happy to comprehend that there was no similarity between the deaths of Socrates and Christ noted.
Socrates lived throughout the simplest and worst times of Athenian splendor and haughtiness and knew the nice Athenians of the age-statesman, Sophocles, Plato and historian; probably why he was “proud of being born an Athenian” . The author understands the scholarly controversies behind Socrates' life, and better yet, he is aware of what interests America most regarding Socrates' connection within the twenty first century. Johnson, in coping with Socrates,...

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