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A Lifetime Of Courage Essay

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A Lifetime of Courage"¦ Hands, the ultimate symbol of life. A busy network of contour lines representing the never-ending journey's and challenges we face. As we age, our hands become more revealing of our achievements and victories. In 1942, a pair of dedicated hands worked tremendously hard to create a future. A future, distant from the unjust and cruelty which had arisen during the war. While wiping the tiny beads of sweat from his sunburnt forehead, Wally appreciated the surrounding beauty of the mountains and countryside. His tiny village lay nestled between sweeping wheat plains and the vast blue sky. Wally had never dreamed of leaving this secluded oasis. His relatives all lived within the vicinity, which led Wally to live a simple yet fulfilling life. He was aged seventeen at the time. The first signs of tension began to grind at Wally's bones. The once peaceful atmosphere around the family table began to fade into a nail-biting moment, where each of Wally's six bothers all sat listening in anticipation. Father, the dominating figurehead of the household, was in charge of the radio and would eagerly await for more news concerning Germanys advance. Wally had little understanding of the implications if Germany was to invade, however he was influenced by his fathers negative attitudes and statements. While working in the fields, Wally could not forget this hassle, which was consuming and disturbing the peace within the family. Wally's father became hostile and pessimistic about the future and this left a very dark cloud obscuring the serenity within the household. The ringing sound of fighter planes filled the skies. It was an unfamiliar sound that Wally had never experienced before. That day, the cloudy sky cast a bleak shadow across the village, almost a warning that something horrid was about to take place. As the sound eventually faded into the distance, the more familiar noise of his parent's voices was coming from the kitchen. The whispers echoed throughout the tiny, one-bedroom cottage. In the bunks nearby, Wally's brothers stirred. Wally sensed trouble. Stumbling onto the dew-covered floorboards, Wally soon found his mother busy packing warm winter clothing. Her face was expressionless. What was happening? At first, the whole packing routine provided a little entertainment and thrill, however, when staring into his father's bleak eyes, Wally could no longer see the familiar spark of reassurance. The paralyzing winter's air made Wally's journey almost unbearable. The weather was working against him. He was to leave the village with his six brothers to seek refuge in the nearby mountains. This was the first time Wally had ever been separated from his parents, who were to remain at the village to gather more information. At the time, a blistering numbness had...

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