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An Evaluation Of Body Image Essay

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“You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you.”(Nyongo, 2014) On March 1st,2014, Lupita Nyongo, Oscar Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress in 12 Years A Slave, gave a moving speech expressing the thoughts of a young girl. An adolescent young girl wrote a letter stating her perception of being colored. She looked for medication in order to obtain lighter skin. Her self-hate consumed her and slowly prevented her from accepting who she is. The girl struggled with her self-esteem. The young girl is encouraged by several women in black society. People such as Oprah, Alek Wek and Lupita herself were the cause of the young girl’s encouragement. She went on a self-discovery of what makes someone beautiful. The girl’s mother states that she can’t eat beauty and that it is not something that could be consumed. (Nyongo, 2014). The letter persuades young girls that compassion is the key to sustain beauty. Nyongo expresses that emotional courage of oneself is accepting and embracing her external beauty.
This paper clarifies the correlation of body image and the media upon African American girls. The relationship between them influences society perception of beauty. Beauty is usually encompassed with physical appearances and is associated with body image. Girls' projection of beauty is directly related to body image. The standards of beauty are defined throughout society. The aspects that will be focused on is body image. Society's portrayal of beauty is seen as unattainable which is similar to the standards of body image.
Literature Review
Body image is the view of one’s current body size. (Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, 2000) People desire to have the ideal body persona. It is said their perception of body image is linked to what’s viewed in the media. African American girls who come from low income households have the usual weight idea compared to slim and slender image viewed amongst white females. (Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, 2000) Though white girls judge body types that are heavier than their own body image, 49% percent of African American females are obese. (Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, 2000). This is caused by the high fat intake diet and those repeated patterns leads to obesity. Many hazards occurs from childhood to adulthood. According to Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, (2000) African Americans are at an increased risk for bulimia and anorexia. Also, African Americans females also have higher expectations of the ideal body images amongst white females. (Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, 2000).
According to Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, (2000) African American saw that their perfect body image was within the named weight scale. The researchers saw that African American females are more satisfied with their present weight. They have less motivation for slenderness. (Baturka, Hornsby, & Schorling, & John, 2000) The acceptance of heavier body image is suggested to be...

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