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An Evaluation Of Body Image And Self Esteem

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The random sample of females that is selected will be conducting an investigation on the correlation between body image and self-esteem. A consent form will be given to the participants. The participants will be told the procedures vaguely. They will be told that they will be debriefed in the end. Any question will also be answered at the beginning of the experiment. The participants will be studied in the same environment. They will be told not to make not noise and distract other people. The consent form will be discussed beforehand. If harm is done to one of the participants, the informed consent could prove that permission was given. The instructions will be told out loud in ...view middle of the document...

They can be measured by the questionnaire such as Rosenberg Self-esteem scale and the Weight Concern scale. The measurements that are going to be used have been used in previous research designs. Although the instruments used on the participants will provide different results. The indirect correlation between body image and self-esteem will cause different results because of the survey questions.
The slide will have 20 images. All the images will have pictures of attractive, slender women in magazines. The magazines will be used is Seventeen, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. There will also be a Dove ad shown afterwards entitled "Evolution". The Rosenberg Self-esteem scale and the Weight Concern subscale. The materials will all be the same for each condition.
Data Collection Method
The researchers assistant will be in charge of data collection. SPSS is where the data will be stored. The database management program will be used to monitor data. This case study will connect the relationship between body image and self-esteem.
Results (Predictions)
It is predicted that individuals will have a decrease in self-esteem and body satisfaction after viewing the slide. However, self esteem will increase will after viewing the 1-min ad which reveals digital enhancement made to models.The data from the Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale and the Weight Concern Scale will be collected and analyzed. The groups will not be compared. The outcome of the study will be evaluated and stated. The results of the study will be anticipated. Body image and self-esteem have an strong indirect (inverse) correlation. The results will be summarized as well as its' importance.
Discussion (Overview)
The purpose of the study is to identify the effects of body image and self-esteem, and how they're displayed in the media. Several studies assume that the exposure of thin-ideal images increases body dissatisfaction. (Stice, Maxfield, and Wells, 2002) The studies show that body image has an effect on females. A quantitative study will be conducted. Examples explaining the relationship of between the two variables will be provided. They will also be examined to clarify the indirect (inverse) correlation. Body image in the media is one of the several reasons or individual's body self-esteem. This will be proven through the experiment. Since there are issues of beauty that are the prime importance to female's self-concept, a negative correlation is possible. Body image disturbances may also rise. The prediction of this research is the thin-ideal images in the media would affect weight concern when self-esteem takes place.
Limitations of the study will...

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