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A Comparison Of Buffy And Dracula.

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As a feminist text, Buffy is an abject failure. Bram Stoker is much more successful in empowering his female characters.The feminist style of interpretation in literature is still fairly new and did not take an official beginning until 1973 . This style of interpretation focuses on finding information on the female experience and gender relations in texts. In regards to the essay question, this essay will attempt to discuss this statement in reference to the feministic features (or lack thereof) of the television serial Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Bram Stokers Dracula.In analyzing Buffy there isn't much evidence to support Buffy as an adequate feminist text. There are many reasons for this, the most significant of these would be Buffys' supernatural ability as opposed to normal abilities, and the male- orientated society which Buffy is subjected to.Buffy demonstrates to women that there is no longer a need to flinch every time a man walks past in a dark alleyway or lingers to close for comfort. She shows that all women can be empowered, - that is, if all women were born with supernatural powers. Despite all outward appearances Buffy in no ordinary woman, she is a girl gifted with supernatural powers and born to be a slayer, a slayer that is "One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers." Buffy's empowerment does not come through conventional means, nor does it come through her own accomplishments, Buffy is empowered because she was blessed with gifts that come only once in a generation. This pattern is noticeable throughout all the females in the series. Most of the women in the series who are portrayed as empowered figures hold to their advantage some sort of paranormal ability. An obvious example would be Buffy's loyal wiccan/lesbian sidekick Willow. At the start of the series Willow is a pasty, red-haired girl with self- esteem issues, as that series proceeds she is still red- haired and pasty, but she has visibly become empowered after her discovery of witchcraft. In retrospect, the only significant character in Buffy who is not aided by mystical means is Cordelia. Cordelia is the one woman in who does not hold any super power at her disposition, and not surprisingly she is projected as far from empowered. In Becoming (Season 2) when the 'Slayerettes' are attacked by vampires Cordelia is the only person not fighting, in fact she is reduced to a paralyzed idiot and consequently nearly killed until Xander sweeps in and saves the day, ordering her to 'Run'. So she runs, 'I ran for about half a mile until I realized no one was actually chasing me.' and that's all she ever seems to be doing- running. In contrast, none of the men of the 'Slayerettes' have any supernatural abilities to speak of, yet they are still portrayed as empowered human beings. In Becoming Xander rescues Cordelia and very much fulfils the Knight- In...

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