A Comparison Of Differing Views/Attitudes To War With Reference To Regeneration, Strange Meeting, Selected Poetry And A Journeys End

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A Comparison Of Differing Views/Attitudes To War With Reference To Regeneration, Strange Meeting, Selected Poetry and A Journeys End

David Lloyd George once commented, in a highly patriotic sense upon
‘the making of a new Europe-a new world’, to what degree was this true
is debatable to a great extent, after all the armistice signed on
November 11th 1918, didn’t confirm victory but only to learn a
horrific number of 9,000,000 million fatalities were caused due to
world war 1. Surely enough this was a new Europe? As a country, life
would go on in England, but for wives, children and family the tragedy
seemed to live on.

For many the thought of a war had urged men to fight for their country
and ‘do their bit’. This was the pinpoint of where the tragic
narrative begun. At first war was encouraged and seen as very
exciting, but during and after the war these views changed

Many of the opinions, feelings and views on war have been reflected in
many different types of literature. Novels such as ‘Regeneration’ and
‘Strange Meeting’ illustrate the emotions, which were carried by most
world war one soldiers. ‘A Journeys End’ and Gallipoli’ also take us
through a narrative of happy, sad, tragic and anxious moments. The
visual aid is advantageous to the audience as we are able to
distinguish between the characters behaviour by seeing how each one
responds to the reality of war. Many of the poems also provide in
depth knowledge of attitudes towards the war, as they can be trusted
due to time that they were created in. in many ways these poems
written before and after the war reflect the truth behind the feeling
of war. Poetry was a superb device for expressing the soldier’s
honesty and thoughts, particularly the well known Wilfred Owen and
Seigfried Sassoon.

The pre war poems most definitely would have been pro war, as at this
time no one was aware of the deadly consequences after the war. Some
poems were a device to raise the morale of young men to encourage them
to go to war. In Jessie Pope’s, ‘Who’s For The Game’, the fact that
she is a women emphasises the reason to go to war. Pope personifies
the country as a ‘She’, which vaguely gives the image of a man
impressing a woman.

‘And she’s looking and calling for you’

Pope has created an extremely lighthearted poem, which can’t be taken
seriously at all, as she refers to the war as being a ‘game’. She
tries to bring out the theme of male competition, with the idea of who
can be the best?

‘Who’ll grip and tackle the job unafraid’

This poem proves to be ideological, as it’s not the truth, but its
what would have been preferred to the real outcome.

Similarly Harold Begbie also created a highly patronizing poem to
encourage soldiers to war in ‘Fall In’. Begbie refers to the boy as
‘Sonny’ and takes us...

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