An Evaluation Of My Communication Style

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Effective communication is very important in nursing to decrease errors and for safe and better patient outcomes. Communication is the medium by which leadership is conveyed to the group (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). Most of the time the health care personnel are busy and have to convey a large amount of information to the patients or families or doctors or between the health care personnel in a short period of time and every one's personality and the way of communications are different. Clinical communication is the vehicle for most patient care and can represent a treatment in its own right (Salmon, 2011). If there is any misunderstanding or misinterpretation or miscommunication in ...view middle of the document...

In my spare time, I like to be with my circle of friends whom I am comfortable with rather than with strangers. With strangers, sometimes I tend to manage but still uncomfortable to continue to communicate or will have communication gaps. So there are certain areas in my communication style that I like to improve. I want to be more assertive, less shy and to be more confident and reasoning.
Areas requiring development
Success in the workplace is directly related to human relation skills (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). Effective communication and good behavior are necessary to keep up the good relationship with coworkers. The areas where I need improvement are to be more assertive and confident and less shy. Assertive communication and behavior maintains a balance between aggressive and passive styles (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). To become assertive is to know the rights and the rights of all persons involved in the communication process. Assertiveness is the desirable style for the nurse leader and manager (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). I should learn to be more assertive to say no or yes with confidence and make the right decision. I also should express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions without shy or passive. If the leader is assertive, he/she cannot be manipulated by anybody and can make fair decisions.
Evaluation of areas needed to be developed
When I evaluated my communication style, I figured that I needed to learn more in some areas such as be more confident, assertive, less shyness, and learn the moments to praise or value the help given by others, and learn to speak and make my points very clear. The message that is conveyed with confidence may increase the trust and gain recipients' attention. Assertiveness can clear the ideas and help us to make decisions and achieve the goals in life. Assertiveness refers to the ability to express one’s feelings, opinions, beliefs, and...

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