A Comparison Of Private And Public Criminal Investigation

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Criminal investigators are professionals in the law enforcement team who try to solve crimes, prevent the occurrence of future crimes, and searching and detaining suspects. The two categories of criminal investigators are private and public criminal investigators. The level of training that these professionals go through is different which leads us to the differences between public and private criminal investigations.
Differences and Similarities
One major difference between public and private investigator is the training that they have to go through before they qualify to do criminal investigations. For public officers, they will have to go through in-depth training and undertake some exams before they qualify for their jobs while private security officers will only have to go through drug test and provide a background check on their criminal record prior to their recruitment as private investigators.
Public criminal investigator are authorized by the law to make arrest and use excessive force when there is need for that while private security officers are not authorized by the law to use excessive force anywhere or make arrests.The fact that the public security officers receive funding from the government makes them completely accountable to the society, which is different to the case of private officers who are accountable only to their employers as their funding come from their employers and not the government.
Public officers have their main duty as protecting the society and ensure it is almost a crime-free zone while private security officers have their main duty as looking after the property they are to protect. Hiring of private security guards is for asset protection purposes, which will include people, property, and information.
Despite the fact that it was the duty of public officers to provide security to everyone and the property within their jurisdiction area, they now work together with private security guards to ensure there is law and order in the society and you will come across them working together in private and public events.
Public officers now work part time with private security officials in some nations to protect valuable assets. This has made the qualifications of private security officers to be competitive for them to have the qualifications that will enable them to carry out investigations that will require a lot of knowledge. The basic drug test and criminal is not enough when you are looking for someone who will be able to do research and try to come up with findings on why certain crimes took place and finding the perpetrators. Knowledge on criminal investigations will be of importance and the reason why companies hiring private investigators to help the local people who would like to use their services in trying to solve the mysteries in their lives look for people with excellent education qualifications (Li, 2008).
The public investigators available are not enough to take care of all the crimes taking...

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