A Comparison Of Two Extracts From Films Portraying Vampires

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A Comparison of Two Extracts from Films Portraying Vampires

In this essay I will compare two extracts from films portraying
vampires. These extracts were taken from 'Nosferatu' a film made in
the 1920's and 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' a film produced in the early
1990's. I will describe how the films are similar and are different in
the media language used, the representations of the vampire and the
woman and the narrative resolution.

Firstly, I will compare the media language used in both films. Non
diegetic sound is sound that is not in the film but added at the
editing stage. In 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', non-diegetic sound is
dramatic. The music becomes higher and higher pitched, this is to
create the suspense and tension. I think suspense and tension needed
to be created because it made the film better to watch. 'Nosferatu'
also uses non-diegetic sound but it was added at a later date because
the technology wasn't advanced enough at the time of making. I think
both films achieve the effect of suspense and tension through the use
of that type of sound. This links to my second point, Nosferatu is
told much like a book, as it uses old-style fonts when there is a
description of what is happening or what the characters are saying.
The film tells you what is happening in this way because, again the
technology was not advanced enough to include sound. 'Bram Stoker's
Dracula' uses quick cuts and close-ups during the fight scene, this is
to suggest action and fast pace. The film uses these type of shots
because it is fun to watch. The film also uses high angled shots, the
best example of this is when the woman and vampire are on the floor of
the church. They are made to look weak by good use of a high angled
shot. 'Nosferatu' uses a low angled shot, this is when knock is
sitting on a roof. The shot makes him look superior to the town's
people and he looks as though he is in control. The directors use this
type of shot because knock needs to look superior and all the towns
people are afraid of him. A long distance shot is also used in the
film, this might have been used to include a lot of people in one shot
but mainly to create the impression of distance. Also in this film
chiaroscuro is used when the vampire is creeping up the stairs, a
shadow is cast onto the wall, this creates tension and suspense. The
vampire is seen to be evil and the darkness in the shadow helps create
the effect of evil. The lighting in 'Bram Stoker's' is at times red
and orange, this suggests blood and evil. Similarly, there is a close
up of the moon which portrays evil because the moon is associated with
werewolves. 'Nosferatu' also uses lighting, there is sometimes a
coloured frame around the screen, this emphasises the emotion and
sadness because colours like blue and green are used. The
mise-en-scene is old...

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