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An Evaluation On The Opression Of Black Women In "

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The Colour Purple "The Colour Purple", written by Alice Walker is an emotional portrayal of the life of a black southern woman called Celie. The novel illuminates the great hardships Celie encounters during her life and how she overcomes them through the help of her belief in God. Through Celie, Alice Walker is able to show the oppression of Black women and how they dealt with a double-edged sword of not only being women but also being black. It is a touching novel that enables the reader to see into the mind of Celie and shows how she progresses from an innocent, confused black girl to a determined strong woman who neither cares nor worries about her colour."You better not never tell nobody ...view middle of the document...

This is clearly a childish thought as this is not rightly so in the real world which is harsher than she expects. She encountered the reality of life at a young age as she was forced to complete the tasks of a mother in the household. And also the tasks of a wife."He never had a kine word to say to me. Just say you gonna do what your mammy wouldn't" Alfonso looked upon Celie as nothing more than an object in which would fill the space of her mother. He showed no affection towards her but only seemed to have contempt for her. As every time he saw her, he would have felt disgust for himself, which would have been misplaced on her. He believed he had the right to use her for what her mother wouldn't/couldn't do."You better shut up and git used to is" The reader is struck with a harshness that is felt in the words of this quotation. The word "better" shows that there is no choice in the matter and Celie should do as he says. This is just a form to show how he controls her and how he believes she should endure it. The controlling character of Alfonso seemed to think this way throughout the whole novel. He raped her and believed she shouldn't tell anyone, he removed her children without her uttering a word and takes her out of school when her first pregnancy begins to show. Lack of education was a way the South tried to keep the blacks in a lower class. It was believed that if blacks were kept uneducated they would not know any better and would not fight for freedom. Black women again had it worse because they were women and women were believed to be weak and incompetent in comparison to men. Alfonso in a sense took Celie out of school so she would not know any better than to fight against what he was doing to her. He controlled her like he owned her even going as far as selling her as property."Pa call me. Celie he say. Like it was nothing Mr_____ want another look at you" This quotation shows the reader how he negotiates marriage "as if it were nothing" as if Celie were merely an object unable to agree or disagree with the marriage. Alfonso had been negotiating the marriage for a while. He would say to Mr_____ "She ugly?. But she aint no stranger to hard work. And she clean." Alfonso bargains over Celie as if she were livestock that he was selling, by telling Mr_____ her attributes and disadvantages he degraded her, acting like she wasn't a person or an equal."I got to git rid of her. She too old to be living here at home." To him Celie was seen as in inatimate object, which seems to just be taking up space, and is no longer, wanted. So he decided to pass her on to another man who didn't want her either. The only reason Mr_____ took Celie was that he needed a quick replacement for his late wife as he had kids to take care of. Celie fitted into the category; she was "no stranger to hard work", he could "do anything just like he wants to." And she would/could "work like man". The relationship was like boss and employee; Except Celie was anything but...

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