A Comparison Paper Done On Monet's Painting Of The Japanese Bridge. One Completed When He Was In His Prime Youth And The Other Finished When He Was Old And Could Barely See.

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During the mid to late 1800s most artists painted with dark and dull colors, such as blacks, grays and browns; so one can imagine the publics shock when Claude Monet began painting with bright elaborate colors. Monet became one of the pioneers of the impressionist method for painting. However unlike most artists Monet became fascinated with painting scenery more than just one time. His favorite piece of inspiration for duplicate paintings came from his own back yard. The Japanese Bridge, which is located in his garden in Giverny France, was painted at least four different times, and each is unique and special in his own way. The two paintings that obtain the most comparison are the first painting of the bridge and the last. There are a vast amount of differences between these two pictures this includes appearance, year, season, color, technique, and creation during Monet's life.The first known painting of the Japanese Bridge was constructed the year of 1899 during the beginning of fall. This masterpiece is the most well known version of the bridge; it is also the most detailed replica. This image is exceptionally precise and a well thought out mental picture of Monet's subject.Monet decorated this canvass with more traditional colors than what is normally seen in his work. This specific impression sustains a large quantity of pastel greens, shades of yellow, browns, and burgundy red. This particular painting contains so much green that the picture has almost what appears to be a green tint to it. Monet added a touch of green to everything, the trees, the water, the bridge, and the water lilies. Monet used the yellows in this painting to highlight the greens in the trees and the water lilies. He added a touch of brown to the trees, water, and of course to the bridge. The sprinkling of browns gave this picture a more natural look. The shower of burgundy was added to give the viewer of the painting the suggestion that fall is currently...

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