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It was a pleasant weekend as I was invited to hang out with my close friend Brian. A perfect weekend actually; with no homework, nice weather and nothing better to do. As I got into the van I begin to think about the things we could possibly do; skateboard, videogames, go out to eat, my mind contemplated numerous activities. The drive was decent, about thirty-minutes or so until we finally arrived. Once we got into the neighborhood we found the house and pulled into the drive way.
My dad dropped me off and drove away slowly like a suspicious character. I begin to approach the door, a nervousness dwelling inside me for some odd reason. I stopped and knocked the door opening ...view middle of the document...

Transitioning into his garage, rolling joints and bong hits was what my world became filled with, accompanied by the loud bass of dubstep. I soon became light headed, feeling the blood shot in my eyes, the outside world around me, everything sort of came to a unrealistic feeling. I then took a glance at the speakers, the way it worked begin to entice me. I moved closer and hugged it, putting my ear to the sub woofer. "Lawton !" Brian alerted with a laugh," what are ya doing man, you look silly. Stop that before you bust your hearin' out." Looking at him oddly I replied "Naw brian, I got this. These speakers need me, and I need it. I want to become music." With that statement sending Brian and hunter laughing hysterically they then decided that the htc was getting to me a bit too much.
"Come on Lawton, grab that bike we are going for a ride!" Brian said as he helped me up and brushed the marijuana bits off my clothes. "Aw sweet, where we headed ?" I replied. "Where ever the wind takes us buddy." We then took off down the road, driving around the neighborhood, down a long sidewalk on the side of a main road, past a publix and then we arrived at Wando high school. Brian stopped us. " Here it is Lawton, the home of thirsty girls", we took a walk around the school Just chilling as the last of our high was coming down. As we were coming to the exit of the school we continued down the side of a road on the bikes, and in the distance saw a big hill, Brian alarmed...

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